Hulk #1 (2008) Wizard World LA Variant – February 2008

Hulk #1 Michael Turner Wizard World Variant

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Happy Hulk Friday gang! Well I am sure you have all heard the word about Red Hulk’s involvement in the Civil War. Rumor or not, his first appearance in Hulk 1 is gaining a lot of momentum, with the regular cover going for $15+ already. That being said, I am looking at the lowest print run variant, and in my humble opinion, best cover out there! This is Hulk #1, from 2008, by Loeb and McGuinness, the first appearance of the Red Hulk! What is more amazing is this cover is by Michael Turner, and only given out at Wizard World in LA. Put this along side your Incredible Hulk #100 Green and Grey Turner variants, and you have one amazing trifecta!

There are two 9.8’s on the bay at this moment, and one ungraded. I am keeping a close eye on these. Good luck finding thtm, as they are becoming harder and harder to find (not that there were a lot to begin with). I have looked high and low, and believe the print run is 2,000. If someone out there has a correction for me, please let me know. I truly believe this is the one to have. Go get them!

Happy Hunting fellas!


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