The Wicked + The Divine 1st apps

I was really happy to hear the news that this has been optioned. It is a great series and I think it will translate really well to TV. I can also see them getting in some good actors to play Laura and all the Gods.

Here is my 1st appearance run down:

Issue 1


Teenager and main protagonist. She adores young gods like pop stars and finally gets to know them in person especially Luci aka Lucifer.


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Main character who features in every issue so far


Ellie Rigby aka Luci aka Lucifer is one of the 12 young gods.

She is a blue-eyed blonde who is sharp-tongued and likes to disobey, not to mention she is a notorious liar. According to herself, that comes with the job description.


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Major Character in the 1st arc and catalyst for setting Laura on her path.

Although (SPOILER ALERT) she is killed off in issue 5


Pop star Amaterasu is one of the 12 gods.

Before being becoming a god she was  Hazel Greenaway, a teen from Exeter and now says she no longer feels that she is this person

When Laura attends her concert and passes out in the audiences she meets up with Lucifer and soon is on a spiraling friendship with the Gods.


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Has big presence in 1st episode but then not so much in subsequent issues


She is very similar to the Egyptian god Bast & has the aspects of a lioness.

Her design is based on Rhianna


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparent

Hasn’t featured much in the series so far. Just a few panels here and there


A journalist with a Masters degree in Comparative Mythology. She based her thesis on the stories around the “Recurrence” of the young gods and continues to investigate them and their background.


She becomes a God later on in the series & we will discuss that 1st in more detail


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Plays quite a large part in the series so far and with her transformation can seeing her being here for the long run


As the “God of Fate” she is taking care of the 12 young gods in The Wicked + The Divine. However, little is known about Ananke and according to Luci/Lucifer she is the one they, the young gods, don't talk about.

ananke cameo

SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Even though most of her appearance are quite brief, she is a mjor playing in the series, being the one who ushers in the new gods and is almost like there over lord

Issue 2


Another of the gods who is quite a major player in the series so far and his character is modeled on Kanye West.

He is a lightning and rain god and ‘lord of all’

It could be debated that issue 2 is just a cameo as he is only seen on TV in 3 panels and the last page of issue 3 is his 1st app.

1st 2 pics are issue 2 and 3rd pic in issue 3, I leave decision up to you




SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Plays a big part in the series and can see him being cast really well


One of the 12 young gods who likes to call himself “the King of the Underground” and has some sort of love-hate relationship with the Morrigan.

(It could also be said that the splash page below is also 1st app of The Morrigan but I wouldn’t say a decapitated head counts as an app!)


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Another character I can see being cast really well

Issue 3

The Morrigan (Badb and Annie)

The Morrigan is one of the 12 young gods, she's a Trinity of Goddesses: The Morrigan (Morri), Badb (The Bad One), and Annan (Gentle Annie). All three forms have their own appearance and personality. “The Mórrígan” comes from Irish mythology and is a goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty who can appear in many forms and the name means as much as the “Phantom Queen” or “Great Queen”, and in the comic she also refers to herself in third person as the “Queen.”



SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

ANother main character with a lot of potential, be interesting to see if they cast 1 or 3 actresses

Issue 4


Minerva is one of the 12 young gods and is the youngest of them all at 12 years old.

She is a Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts.


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparent

Has only appeared in a few panels so far as hasn’t made much of an impact in the series


Woden is one of the 12 young gods, not much is known about his character so far and he has a serious Daft Punk/Tron vibe going on


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

Only has a few minor appearances so far but is quite a cool looking character

Issue 6


One of the 12 young gods who is based on the Sumerian Goddess of the same name.

He is basically Prince circa Purple Rain era

Before he became a god he was bookish looking Teenager who described his go-to cosplayer as Wallpaper


SPEC RATING – star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

A really likeable character in the series who I can bank on doing well in the TV Show

Issue 8


Dionysus is one of the twelve gods, I would describe him as a lord of the dance/rave type god. He invites Laura to party at the end of time and we embark on one of the trippiest issues of Wicked + Divine.

I love the final few panels where Laura tells him he is the happiest of all the gods to which he responds ‘I haven’t been alone in my head for 2 months, plus I don’t sleep’


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent
Only featured so far in issue 8, as awesome an issue as it is cannot see him being a major character in TV show

Issue 9


Cassandra becomes the  last of the 12 gods to be turned, she is the Queen of Seers, All-seeing of what must not be concealed.

When she is turned she has 2 companions, Verdandi and Skuld


SPEC RATING –star-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparentstar-transparent

As Cassandra has been so featured in the series so far I can see big things to come from Urdr (as we are currently on issue 10 she hasn’t yet had opportunity to do much!!!)


  • microchipsandsalsa

    Awesome. Really love these covers. Haven’t read any yet. Been hoarding issue one with lucifer on it for A while now.

  • Jonnyh101

    As soon as I saw it announced I grabbed issue #1’s B cover for £7.50 and my local has tons of back issues of it so I’m pretty good if this does indeed become a hot book. could see it going for a fair amount if it does indeed become a TV series.

  • Brandon Gates

    i love this series i just never really thought it would get picked up for anything. I really hope this ends up being made.

  • Simon Payne

    Really looking forward to today’s issue. Apparently what happens they been building up to for whole series

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