This time we travel to Michigan with Joe Yang to attend the Motor City Comic Con …

Were there pre-sale tickets (online/in-store), and could you get in early?

Yes, tickets were available for all three days or any combination separately purchased separately.
VIP ticket holders and advance ticket holders get in 30 minutes early.

How many retailers were there?

The program mixed exhibitors and retailers so I would guess roughly 90 to 100.

How was the floor layout?

MCCC Layout

MCCC Layout

What was the most ridiculously over-priced book you saw?

EOS 2 Regular Cover raw for $250.

What was the highest priced book you saw?

Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 9.0 (I think) – Didn't bother asking for the price

What was your best bargain purchase? Why?

Didn't see many deals so I’m going to say the best bargain is CBCS getting my TMNT 45 convention exclusive signed my Simon Bisley for free. We had to wait a bit because he was talking to someone so he signed with his full signature. According to Simon and the CBCS rep he usually only signs with his initials, first or last name only so I'm pretty lucky.

What was your favorite item purchased? Why?

I only bought comics.

What was your favorite comic purchased? Why?

TMNT 45 Convention Exclusive Cover. I’m a 90s kid that’s why!

What was the rarest book you saw?

I think I saw a yellow Turtlemania mini book

What were some books you were surprised the dealers had priced so high? (that you saw multiple dealers had at a high price, not just a single as above)

Batman 40 movie variant – The cheapest was for $10 and the highest was for $50

Were any artists present? What were your experiences with them?

I only talked to Neal Adams, Ivan Reis and Simon Bisley and they were all nice and looked like they enjoyed being there.

If you were the promoter, what would you have done to make this show better?

Some of the aisles were very congested simply due to being smaller than the other aisles. I think they should have added a little more staff to the concessions to alleviate the high number of attendees on Saturday. I decided to starve after waiting in line for 15 minutes with no movement at all. (I'm fat)

If you were selling comics, what would you have done differently?

Bring all the big name modern comics the casual fan would notice. A dealer I see often had his these types of moderns stacked on a table and they were mostly cleared after each day.

Did you see a dealer try to swindle a rookie? If so, explain.

I thought I did, but apparently Cable and Deadpool #1 and 2 for $20 is pretty good.

How much was this con about just the comics?

I would say a good portion of it was, but still doesn't outweigh the media guests: Glen Rhee, Roddy Piper, Billy Boyd, T1000, Daniel-Son, Master Sweep the Leg, and Leg Sweeper to name a few.

How much was this con about the cosplay?

They put good effort in my opinion because they gave out cash prizes along with other merchandise; grand prize was $500.

How pumped up was the crowd?

Like teenagers in a club.

How strong was the haggle-bility?

They were offering to haggle as soon as I showed interest in the items on the wall.


The variety of vendors and the event planners did a good job. Does DC, Marvel and Image not attend shows? The only major publisher was Zenescope.



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