Deadpool goes Italian!

This week we’ve got some Deadpool love from Italy: Deadpool 25 Variant B (2013) and Deadpool 35 XX Variant (2014), two good examples of a variant adding to the quality of a comic.

Deadpool 25 Variant B (2013)

Deadpool #25 Videogame Variant

Deadpool #25 Video Game Variant (2013)

What! Deadpool playing a video game. That issue 25 variant is totally awesome. It was drawn by Matteo Scalera to coincide with the release in Italy of the Deadpool video game by Activision. It was released in collaboration between Panini and Activision to promote the game.

It reprints Deadpool 52-53(Vol 2), Deadpool 19 (Vol 1) and Hit-Monkey 1. And by the way, this comic can be yours for only 3 euros!!!

Deadpool 35 XX Variant (2014)

Deadpool #35 Marvel XX Variant

Deadpool #35 Marvel XX Variant (2014)

Deadpool 35 XX Variant was drawn by Matteo Lolli. In 2014, Panini celebrated 20 years of publishing Marvel by creating 20 variants cover as a tribute, one per year. This one is the cover for 2011 and is a remarked version of X-Men Origins Deadpool 1 (2010). Another cheap buy at 4 euros, not bad for a limited edition.

Even though I don't know the print run for these two comics, I really recommend buying the Deadpool 25. There is really something going on with this cover and I would also recommend to buy multiples to make it worth shipping. Oh and don't forget to use, and words like fumetti (comic) to help you out finding these.

Grazie e si vede la prossima settimana per un altro Foreign Delicacies!!!


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