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New Week, New Covers!!

 Impact #3


Jack Davis cover in a post SOTI comic world still finding a way to put people in that uncomfortable place they were used to from his horror title work on the Pre Code EC titles.

Plain and simple, this cover creeps me out…   Am I supposed to be worried about the kid selling lemonade or should I really be worried about the creepy ass shop owner in the window as quite honestly, there's something “not right” about that kid…

Part of ECs “New Direction” line of comics that starting hitting shelves in 1955, Impact only lasted 5 issues despite the artists best efforts to entice readers in while adhering to the new Comic Code.

Only 12 copies on the CGC Census and all are universal.  10 of them are 9.0-9.4s with a respectable 7.0 and a lowly 3.0 balancing out the scales.

SHELF DATE of July 1955





Another amazing Basil Wolverton cover.  While this title is full of great cover art, this is the winner, just barely beating out the previous issue, which I am sure will be spotlighted in the future.

Featuring what appears (and people hope) is some sort of deformed severed monkey or gorilla head with someone removing the brain.  As with most Pre Code Horror, covers sold the book and Wolverton made sure to give it his all on this issue.

28 Universal copies on the CGC Census, 2 7.5 examples at the top and 4 2.5 copies at the low end.  All copies together average out at 4.70 showing that for the most part, this is indeed a tough if not impossible book to find in grade.

SHELF DATE of June 1953

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