Post Convergence DC reviews week 4

Week 4

What we now know is called the ‘DC you' universe so more promising previews this week.

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Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher & Babs Tarr

DC Sneak Peek - Batgirl (2011-) 001-000

I enjoyed the first few issues after this team took over with a new direction, but I am a few issues behind and this fell further down the reading pile (I know I invested in issue 35 BIG, I still have loads of those but have faith they still be good flip in the future)

I really enjoyed this and will definately have to catch up on this series.

It also looks like Babs Tarr's art has gone from strength to strength here and not only that but her colouring (YES NOTICE THE U IN COLOUR 🙂 ) is superb.


Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo

DC Sneak Peek - Batman (2011-) 001-000

Well I was really excited to read this, then thoroughly disappointed when I realised it was the exact same content that was in the Divergence FCBD.

That aside I really enjoyed reading it.

Do I think Batman is really dead?


Did I actually like the idea of Gordon being Batman once I read this?


Honestly though not sure about the Mohawk he is sporting!!!!

Black Canary

Brendan Fletcher & Annie Wu

DC Sneak Peek - Black Canary (2015-) 001-000

Straight away I could see the Batgirl influence here and this series has definitely been ‘burnsided'.

I was pleasantly surprised with this preview and found myself liking it a lot more than I thought I would.

Can see this book doing really well and I recommend picking up the Babs Tarr 1:25 variant when it comes out.

Constantine: The Hellblazer

Ming Doyle, James Tynion IV & Riley Rossmo

DC Sneak Peek- Constantine - The Hellblazer (2015-) 001-000

I got tired of nu52 Constantine quite quickly (although I did enjoy his character in Justice League dark), the first few arcs were good but went downhill after that.

So I was interested to see what they did here (used to be a massive Constantine fan, especially the Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon era).

I am not huge on Riley Rossmo but felt his art fitted well here and also felt they were more back on track with Constantine's persona here (basically that he is a bastard!!!)

Will be picking this up.


David F Walker & Ivan Reis

DC Sneak Peek - Cyborg (2015-) 001-000

Ivan Reis has always been one of my favourite artists and he really knocked it out of the park in this preview. Basically one long action sequence which ends in what looks like a new design for Cyborg.

This is definitely one of the highlights of this week previews and left me wanting more (which is always a good sign).

One thing I did notice is that Batman features heavily in this story. Is this someone else under the cowl, is this a different mutliverse or timeline to the one where Bruce Wayne is dead, or are they just gonna bring him back after convergence?

Who knows, only time well tell (although I had expected him to stay dead for at least 6 months!!!!)

Earth 2: Society

Daniel H Wilson & Jorge Jimenez

DC Sneak Peek- Earth 2 - Society (2015-) 001-000

Another really good read. Carrying on from the end of Convergence with the Earth 2 characters and introducing us to a new Batman (in the form of the Dick Grayson) and who I assume is Jimmy Olsen as Doctor Impossible.

I must say though I am really not sure about Batman's new costume!!!

The art was also really good with some beautiful panels and splash pages.

Even if you are not a fan of Earth 2 I recommend grabbing this when it comes out.

Harley Quinn

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & Chad Hardin

DC Sneak Peek - Harley Quinn (2013-) 001-000

I read the new 52 Harley Quinn series for the first few arcs then got tired of it. Really not my sort of book and nothing has changed with this preview, just seems like more of the same.

If you like the new 52 series, you'll like this, if you didn't you won't.

Justice League

Geoff Johns & Jason FabokDC Sneak Peek - Justice League (2011-) 001-000

Same deal as Batman this is just the same content that was in the Divergence FCBD and what fantastic content it was.

This has got me really excited for Justice League going forward (which is good as I didn't think too much of the last arc).

This is laying the seeds for the upcoming Darkseid war and showing the entrance of Darkseid's daughter Grail

Superb writing and art means I will 110% be grabbing this

Justice League United

Jeff Parker & Travel Foreman

DC Sneak Peek - Justice League United (2014-) 001-000

I have never actually read the Justice League United series, the whole premise just didn't appeal to me for some reason. The first thing I noticed with this preview is that Travel Foreman was doing the art (I mentioned before about the series Cla$$war by Rob Williams, Travel Foreman was one of the artists on that and I have loved his work ever since. He also had great run on Animal Man)

That aside I didn't feel his artwork really suited this series and the preview didn't make me change my mind about why I didn't read it.

One big gripe I have is how he is has drawn Lex Luthor in this. In Superman/Batman we were shown the new design for Lex Luthor, which totally differs from how he is drawn here.

Here he is shown as fat and old Lex Luthor, harkening back to how he looked many years ago.

Not sure what is happening with DC You, but we seem to have differing appearance for characters, Batman being dead in the main series but showing up in other series such as Justice league and Cyborg. So are we looking at different timelines/multiverses here?


Cullen Bunn & Brad Walker

DC Sneak Peek - Sinestro (2014-) 001-000

Now this was another series I didn't read apart from the 1st issue, a lot of this was down to my complete disappointment with nearly everything Green Lantern related after Geoff Johns left (I did however carry on reading Red Lanterns).

So read this expecting not to like it and to still be of same mind I was with all the Green Lantern previews.

Well I couldn't have been more wrong.

Great writing, great art and really good cast of characters. Will definitely be picking this up.

I always liked Sinestro and Sinestro corps was one of the best Geoff Johns Green Lantern arcs (if you didn't read it I can't recommend it enough, amazing writing and superb art from Ethan Van Sciver)


Gene Luan Yang & John Romita Jr

DC Sneak Peek - Superman (2011-) 001-000

Same as other previews and basically the same content from Divergence FCBD.

This is nowhere near the same quality of story and art as the other DC You Superman series I have read.

Also I have problems with John Romita Jr's art these days. I used to really like his art, Spider-Man, Kick Ass and other stuff he did.

Maybe it is just my tastes changing or maybe he is just not doing same quality of work he used to.

At the end of the day this didn't make me want to start reading Superman again.

Superman / Wonder Woman

Peter Tomasi & Paulo Siqueira

DC Sneak Peek - Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 001-000

I enjoyed this preview, Peter Tomasi has gone from an awesome artist to becoming a good writer. The art was also really nice.

Carry on the whole depowered superman story, although not as good as Action Comics or Superman / Batman still encourages me to read this going forward.

I will say though Superman drops a bomb on Wonder Woman at the end, so will be interesting to see how that develops.

The Flash

Van Jensen & Brett Booth

DC Sneak Peek - The Flash (2015-) 001-000

Not been reading The Flash for a while, nothing against the series in particular, it was just one of those books that fell to the way side due to there just being so much to read each week.

This is the first continuing DC story in DC You that I felt was a good jumping on point for new readers as sort of delves into Barry's past briefly and explains some of his motivations etc.

I did liked the final splash page which shows Professor Zoom making his return, although I am not too sure about his new costume design (I am only assuming this is his return not having read, say, the last 20 issues of this series)

But even though I didn't mind this preview I doubt it will get me reading The Flash again.

We are Robin

Lee Bermejo & Jorge Corona

DC Sneak Peek - We Are...Robin (2015-) 001-000

Have been looking forward to reading this, especially to see how Lee Bermejo transitions from artist to writer and I have to say I was disappointed.

You want to know my main gripe???


I just really can't get into stories that overuse them, it really puts me off and for that reason I really struggled reading this and skimmed through most of it.

Won't be picking this up!!!!!!!!


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