Batman and Robin #15 Variant (2009 Series) – December 2010

Batman and Robin #15 Variant

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Hi gang! Happy Friday! Ok, some would say I am going to the well once too often with the Joker covers, but I feel it is an injustice if I don’t tell you about this amazing cover! This cover is from the original Batman and Robin series from 2009. It is issue #15, the 1:25 variant by Frazer Irving. Once again, an awesome Joker cover. You can really see how much the Joker has Batman and Robin on (or in!) his mind! With the original print run of 83,000, this variant has a run of approximately 3,300! In Batman and Joker world, this is not a lot at all!

At this moment you can find these for under $25 on eBay and Amazon. I am not sure how much longer though. I do think this one will catch on eventually. It just screams iconic. Find these and hold on to them. Also, IMHO, that was an awesome comic series, if you are looking for some good reading material!

Happy Hunting fellas!


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