Mad Max’s and the Female Avengers’ Secret Empire


So it looks like Mad Max #1 is the new Django Unchained for this year.

Adam Hughes dropped a beautiful Medusa cover and some big TV spec were the main things this week!

1. Mad Max Fury Road Nux and Immortus #1

I wasn't even aware of this book until CBSI member Chris Bowers made me aware that copies where non-existent onebay UK. No sooner than you can say ‘speculation' copies were popping up at £10 to £20 ($15 to $30).

With the film getting amazing reviews, it looks like that success has rubbed off in the comics world, definitely making this Django Unchained for 2015!

If you can find this at your LCS grab, flip, be happy 🙂


2. A-Force #1 1:50 Adam Hughes Variant

Another week, another Adam Hughes variant, this time featuringMedusa in all her glory. Quickly selling for around £40 to £50 ($60 to $75).

That aside it was a really good read and also helped push spec on another book, due to rumours that Miss America is due to get her own series, Vengeance #1 (standard and variant) went through the roof, with the variant selling for more than this Hughes variant!

I also have to say on a side point I have been thoroughly impressed with Secret Wars and all the tie in stories so far. Definitely one of the better event stories I have read in some time and really sticking it to DC with their awful Convergence event.


3. Deadpool's Secret Secret wars 1 Gazin Run the Jewels variant

Riding on the success of the previous Run the Jewels variant, this was quickly selling for £10 ($15). This was a standard 1:1 variant but to qualify for it you had to order 150% of your Deadpool #36 order (thanks to Manole Saviolakis of Hall of Comics for this info).

Looks like a lot of retailers decided they would charge this as if it was a ratio variant, hence the quickly escalating price.


4. Empire of the Dead #1 standard, 1:25, 1:75 covers

With the news from Cannes Film Festival that they would beadapting George A Romero's Empire of the Dead for TV, these rapidly disappeared from ebay.

The standard cover has been selling for £20+ ($30), with the only other copies currently being listed at £49.99 ($75)+No sales on the variants to go by, apart from those that were snapped up the day the news dropped.

I think the 1:75 is going to be the one to watch, firstly these were pretty rare when the comic was first released as not many stores ordered 75 copies, add that to an Arthur ‘Mr. Zombie Cover' Suydam cover and this book is going to sell for big £

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