German Wolverine 35 ABO Variant / French Wolverine 134 by Gabrielle Dell’Otto

This week we have a real cool Wolverine cover for you guys:

Wolverine #35 ABO Variant (Germany)

Wolverine #35 ABO Variant (Germany)

Marvel Deutschland/Panini 2000

Reprints: Wolverine Vol 2 issue 124 & Cable 54

Wolverine #134 (France)

Wolverine #134 (France)

Marvel France/Panini 2005

Reprints: Wolverine Vol 3 issue 16-17

Another Variant cover by Mr Dell’Otto and a nice one it is. I think Wolverine fans should like this one. Claws all over the place with some blood and a Logan breathing like a beast, humm, I’m pretty sure were speaking of Wolverine here, don’t ya think?

The German variant was only available for subscribers (like last week's Supergirl), so the print run should be low. It seems getting harder to find one these days, but you should be able to get one for around $25-$40 including shipping.

Panini France re-used the cover 5 years later. Being the regular edition, it's easier to find, and also lso the cheapest way to get this insane cover, for less than $25 including shipping. That’s a sweet deal!

A la semaine prochaine pour un autre Foreign Delicacies!!!


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