Classic Cover of the Week 5/25/2015


New Week, New Covers!!


(Timely Comics)

This cover has everything one could want.  Bondage, Nazi zombie monster and a black cat…  Cover art and colors by Simon and Kirby at their finest.  Not an easy book to come by despite the shockingly high number of slabbed copies on the CGC census.

34 Universal copies with an average grade of 6.12.  A single 9.2 at the top of the CGC census, not sure if this is the Church copy, but it would be a safe guess.

SHELF DATE of August 1941




(DC Comics)

Great ‘Merica cover from the run of DC WWII and USA themed covers that dominated the format during this period.  Jack Burnley cover who was starting to take over cover duty for Fred Ray yet kept the classic Golden Age Supes look going.

101 Universal copies on the CGC Census with the Church copy (99% on that) topping the chart at a strong but solitary 9.6.

SHELF DATE of October 1943

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