1 Divinity #1 (2015) 1:40 Larosa Variant

2-25-2015-49 WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Ryan Winn
$300 dollars is the going price for this book raw right now. The 1st prints of the regular retail cover are evaporating at $35 a copy. Hell the the 5th print is being allocated. Valiant has some going for them right now with the title, and if it leads to what people are speculating this book will be napalm. 250 copies printed according to ratio variants. Find one now and slab it. The one thing I really like about Valiant is the premium paper quality of their books so hopefully that will lead to more 9.8 books once the slabbage begins.

Captain Marvel Vol 6 #17 (2013) 2nd Print Variant

kamala-khan-first-costume-appearance WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
You can't touch this book right now for under $100. Literally the VF raw copies are getting $100 on eBay. Anything under $400 in the CBCS/CGC 9.8 category gets insta bought. Lot's of rumors swirling about an ABC show etc. Everyone who reads Ms.Marvel talks about how amazing it is, I'm about to hop on the bandwagon it looks like. Buy this book now, its super limited in print according to sales charts. It didn't make the top 400 when it came out indicating a less than 1k print run

3 All-New Marvel NOW! Point One Vol 1 1.NOW

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Lee Garbett
This is now listed on CGC labels as the 1st full appearance of Kamala Khan. That is significant as the early labels didn't mention until recently. She is on the cover of this and it's her full 1st story. Yes there is a variant etc, but as we have found out, if you aren't on the cover of your 1st appearance it usually isn't as collectible.


4 A-Force #1 Cover H Incentive Adam Hughes Inhumans 50th Anniversary Variant Cover (Secret Wars Warzones Tie-In) (2015)

WRITER: G. Wilson Wilson
ARTIST: Jorge Molina
What makes this comic so amazing? Adam Hughes, boobs, and Medusa. There really isn't anything else that makes it amazing, but these three reasons are always enough when it comes to Hughes variants. This sold out quickly at $50 and has settled in nicely at $75-100 range.


5 G.I. Joe #215 Hall of Comics Action Figure Variant (2015)

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: Robert Atkins
This book was a surprise for everyone at the beginning of the week. Artist Robert Atkins drew an insane rendition of the the 80's classic Snake-Eyes action figure. Members of the group and people from all around bought these up like bottled water at an outdoor concert.


6 Secret Wars #1 Gamestop Exlusive Variant

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
ARTIST: Greg Horn
It's amazing what a cool cover can do to that aftermarket. This book came out last week and nobody really cared until people saw the cover. Greg Horn drawing Venom, Thanos and Galactus in battle, yes please. As with all of these polybagged non LCS variants, finding one in high grade is tough and command a premium. 9.8 copies will see a premium in the next few weeks.

New52Batman1Sketch (1)

Batman #1 New 52 1:100 Sketch (2011)

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
A 9.8 Universal sold yesterday on eBay for $980. That is significant considering it's the highest sale I can find. The 9.8 SS copies have sold for that high in the past, but not the old blue label. This one of the rarest Bat-titles ever produced, and it's #1 of arguably the best run ever done for this franchise. We have a cancer fund raffle going for a member right now and its near $3k right now with this book as the headline prize. Everyone wants one, but they are hard to find. This book will only go up in price. Too rare, too popular.

MMFR Nux Immortan Joe_555bc57ab7dce2.65940876

8 Mad Max: Fury Road (Vertigo) #1 (2015)

WRITER: George Miller
ARTIST: Mark Sexton
This movie has taken the country bu surprise. It's Rotten Tomato rating at the time of this writing is 98/100 which insane. The comic that a lot of people weren't even aware of selling very well too at almost 4x cover price.  I highly doubt the print run is very high on this one, and if the movie keep the momentum this book could be the Judge Dredd:Underbelly of the summer. Grab if you can find them.


9 Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol 1 #57 (1993)

WRITER: Terry Kavanagh
ARTIST: Stephen Platt
I mentioned this book 6 months ago as being a sleeper and it looks like the public is finally catching on. These S.Platt covers are collectors items for a reason. Throw in the fact this is easily the most limited printed Infinity Gauntlet tie-in and a Spidey cover and you have a winner. These books exploded on eBay again randomly this week. Buy and sell these.


10 Captain America Vol 1 #360 (1989)

WRITER: Mark Gruenwald
ARTIST: Kieron Dwyer
Crossbones aka Jimmy Linguini's best friend was seen last week in the Crossbones costume on set of Civil War. Crossbones kills Captain America in Civil War comic. People think Crossbones might kill him in the movie. No clue why this book is going up in value. It's sitting next to the Malekith 1st appearances ready to be put in the dollar box in 3 years though.


Batman Vol 1 #655 (Kubert Variant)

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Andy Kubert
People are going to realize that Damian Wayne is one of the most polarizing and intriguing characters in the DC universe. He is 11 years old and can literally go toe to toe with his Dad in a fight. He has already been killed, resurrected, and now back to being the little “s*it readers enjoy. This books value is way, way too low and will see a huge increase in the near future. Trust me


Bloodshot Vol 1 #52

WRITER: Mark Moretti
ARTIST: Sean Chen
Try to find one in the wild! I double dog dare you! The final issue of the series, and one of the last old guard Valiant books printed. 9k print run for a regular series is pretty small, and the prices reflect it.

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