Hey everyone! Back for another week in the world at S.E.A. (Super Exciting Analytics)!

This week we are going to look at a modern character: Deadpool. Hopefully we can use some print runs to find some hidden gems before the movie comes out!

Because he has so many side titles, we are going to only focus on his solo ongoing titles (Vol. 2, 3 & 4).

Most Valuable

Let’s first look at the current most valuable regular books for each volume.

1) Vol. 2. #1. Print run: 112,405. Sells for $50-75. Significant in that it is the #1 of his first ongoing title, but definitely not rare.

Deadpool v2 #1


2) Vol. 3 #1. Print run: 67,399. Sells for $10-15. #1 in this Volume is the lowest by far of the 3 volumes and should be considered undervalued comparatively.

Deadpool v3 #1


3) Vol. 4 #1. Print run 118,976. Sells for $10-15. The highest print run of any of the volumes, the least attractive cover, IMO, of the 3. If you don’t have Vol. 3 #1, sell this one and buy it.

Deadpool v4 #1



1) Vol. 2. There are only 2 minor variants that I could find in this Volume, so I am just going to put my favorite cover from this Volume here. #46: Print run: 27,474. Sells for $5-6. Almost identical print run of Batgirl (Vol. 3) #13 with the Artgerm cover, I think this book has some room to move up.

Deadpool v2 #46


2) Vol. 3 #45, Horn Variant. Print run: 551 (appx.) Sells for about $50. 1:50 cover swipe of Ultimate Spider-Man #1 and really difficult to find. I could only find 1 on eBay right now for sale. Huge upside on this variant.

Deadpool v3 #45 Variant

Recommendationbuy buy

3) Vol. 4 #45, Moore Variant. Print run: 968 (appx.) Sells for $150. Very cool cover, but once Deadpool is alive again, the novelty on this will fade. The variant that I see to have in this volume to have is #27 Taco Time. Print run: 827 (appx.) $60-70.

Deadpool #45


Lowest Print Run

The lowest print runs for any non-variant, 1st printings in the Deadpool ongoing series are, respectively:

Vol. 2 #52. Print run: 24,346. Sells for $8-10. 1st Appearance of the Mercy twins.
Vol. 3 #48. Print run: 25,458. Sells for $8-10. Evil Deadpool story arc.
Vol. 4 #44. Print run: 39,848. Sells for cover.

Deadpool v2 #52

Deadpool v2 #52

Deadpool v3 #48

Deadpool v3 #48

Deadpool v4 #44

Deadpool v4 #44

Recommendationbuy Vol.2 #52


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