DC post divergence previews Weeks 2 and 3


Previews for this week were mainly for ongoing series for books I haven't been reading.

I read a lot so there is generally a reason I don't read stuff!!!!!

Can any of the new promo's change my reading habits?

Action Comics

Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder


I haven't been reading Action Comics since the end of Grant Morrison's run. I really enjoyed this preview, I am liking the direction they are going with the now powered-down Superman.

I thought the art was really really good, mainly in black and white bit with splashes of red in.

I will definitely be picking up Action Comics going forward.


Cullen Bunn & Trevor McCarthy


I really liked Aquaman when the new 52 series started but as with a lot of Geoff Johns written stuff, when he left the new team just couldn't live up to his work and my interest generally waned (Green Lantern being the worst example of this).

My initial thoughts on this were ‘now here's a team I can get behind, both have a proven track records of writing and drawing good stuff‘.

The fist page did not disappoint: the art was nice, the style of writing seemed goo, so I thought they could do for Aquaman what Lemire and Sorrentino did for Green Arrow.

Then the second page came and with it Aquaman's god awful new design/costume. Now maybe this is something I can get over, maybe it isn't, only time will tell. But it really reminded of something from the 90's!!!!!

I did like the final page which gives you an indication of where the story going so I will give it a chance (I guess!!!!)


Dan Jurgens & Corin Howell


Short and simple review here.

Now I really wanted to like this series but I just didn't.

It really isn't my cup of tea.

Story was weak, didn't like the art.

Won't be reading this.


Heath Corson & Gustavo Duarte


New-comers to the comic scene here so was interested to see their work.

Never been the biggest Bizarro fan, but actually didn't mind this, although wouldn't say I loved it!

Thought Gustavo Duarte's art really fitted the story well and think it could be an amusing read going forward.


Tony S. Daniel, James Bonny & Peter Nguyen


A very Teen Titan-centric story and I'll come clean and say I just have never been able to get into Teen Titans (shhhhhhh don't let Jon Z hear me say that!!!) so this book really wasn't for me.

That aside, if Teen Titans is your thing then I would recommend this, well written with really nice art by Peter Nguyen.

Dr Fate

Paul Levitz & Sonny Liew


I found it really hard to get past the art, really doesn't do it for me.

The 1st time I read it I actually gave up after a few pages, but went back to it today to fully read it for the purpose of this review.

Not much really happens in this, so I sort of felt neither way about it except that I didn't like the art!!!!

I will pick up issue 1 though and see how I go from there.

Justice League 3001

Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis & Howard Porter


Continuing on from Justice League 3000, a series I have been reading since the start, although am a few issues behind.

Think this is a highly under rated series.

Funny, well drawn and entertaining.

I would recommend Justice League 3000 to everyone and based on this preview , I can highly recommend this too.

Gotham by Midnight

Ray Fawkes & Juan Ferreyra


Another series I had not been reading. On first read I didn't particular like it, I have no vested interest in any of the characters. I did like the art though, sort of reminds me of Steve Niles. On second read I warmed to it a bit more. Even though I generally like the dark side of DC (Justice League Dark for example) I doubt I will be reading this going forward.

Green Lantern Corps: Lost Army

Cullen Bunn & Jesus Saiz


Another solid team on this book, but as I mentioned before I have really struggled with Green Lantern since Geoff Johns left the main title. It has had a knock on effect on the Corps as well.

Didn't think this was to bad, but although I normally really like Jesus Saiz's art I found this to look too computer generated at points, which in my opinion really detracts from the overall appearance.

Another failed shot at bringing me back into the Green Lantern fold.


Cullen Bunn & Cliff Richards


Well they have really got Cullen Bunn on board for the new DC's titles, I know he was writing this before but I am seeing his name is cropping up a lot!

Now I used to like Lobo back in the day, but no so much recently. In fact thought the new Lobo seemed pretty silly. I read the 1st issue then never picked it up again, so I was expecting this to just be something I flicked through.

I actually enjoyed it, thought it was good writing and really nice art by Cliff Richards.

Week 3

Mainly old titles continuing but a few promising new series this week

Batman Beyond

Dan Jurgens & Bernard Chang


I like Batman Beyond, although I have never read any of the solo books. I did feel the death of Terry McGinnis was extremely rushed and there was no emotion displayed or reverence for the fact that a major character had just died. I also felt the fact that he was replaced by Tim Drake within a couple of panels was in poor taste.

I have to admit I enjoyed this book … There were some good action scenes, it kept a good pace, was well written with good art.

Will be picking this up and seeing how I go with it.


Greg Pak & Adrian Syaf


I read Batman/Superman for the 1st arc then dropped it.

So not really following who the characters at the beginning of this where, but that doesn't matter as it soon switched it to a really well drawn and written action scene with the Gordo Batman.

The end splash page was also really good showing off a new design for Lex Luthor.

I absolutely loved this preview, I highly recommend reading it.

Considering I had stopped reading most Superman stuff a while back I have been really impressed with this new direction and the team of writers and artists they have put on these books.

This is definitely going on to the read pile each month.


Genevieve Valentine & David Messina


A new writer I haven't heard of before, she has been writing Catwoman since issue 35, which can only be a good thing as any writer is better than Ann Nocenti in my opinion (she totally butchered the Joker's Daughter 3D and the issues of Catwoman I read by her).

Liked the writing here and also like the art from David Messina. I can see myself picking up the issues of Catwoman since she started writing and reading this going forward.

Gotham Academy

Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher & Mingjue Helen Chen


This really isn't my kind of book but I read it for purposes of this review!!!

Mainly consisted of splash pages & text boxes containing poetry.

I did think it was well written but the art is not my cup of tea … I didn't enjoy this book at all and won't be reading it again!!


Tom King, Tim Seeley & Mikel Janin


I haven't been reading Grayson, not because I had anything against book, in fact I keep meaning to read it, just with so much other stuff to read I keep putting this to one side.

That might change after reading this preview, I really like both art and story.

The double splash page when Dick Grayson jumps out the plane was superb.

I guess I should always remember what Wade told me, everyone loves Dick!

(sorry I couldn't do a Grayson review without at least 1 dick joke!!!!)

Martian Manhunter

Rob Williams & Eddy Barrow


I have been a fan of Rob Williams ever since I read Cla$$war (released on Com-X and highly recommended) and Eddy Barrow is an amazing artist.

With a team like this was always going to be a good read and it didn't disappoint. Thoroughly enjoyable read that left me wanting more. I've always been partial to Martian Manhunter and this book will definitely be added to the pull list.

New Suicide Squad

Sean Ryan & Philippe Briones


The original new 52 Suicide Squad series was always high up on my reading list, but I ended up dropping the New Suicide Squad after a few issues. Mostly due to the inconsistent artwork in it. It really put me off.

This seems to have improved in this preview but I find myself always comparing it to the last series and in my opinion it doesn't live up to that.

Will give it a read when it comes out and see if I can get back into this though.

Robin – Son of Batman

Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray


I really like Damien's character and was glad when they bought him back, although I am behind on Batman and Robin, so am unsure how he now has a massive were-bat as a pet.

The preview is made of one big action scene, which was well done and an enjoyable read.

Think I need to catch up on Batman and Robin though before I dive into this series.

Secret Six

Gail Simone & Dale Eaglesham


The pre-new-52 Secret Six is one of my all time favourite series (so much so that the next line deserves to be written in caps).


So when they started the Secret Six back-up I was well excited to read it, but read the first issue and it was a complete let down. I think the art spoiled a lot of it for me and also the characters didn't seem to have as much appeal.

Now they have Dale Eaglesham back so I was feeling good about this already, I enjoyed reading but still have gripes with the cast of characters, especially the New 52 Catman … It just isn't the same in my opinion.

I will pick this up and give it a chance in the hope that it can get to the dizzy heights of greatness that was the pre-new-52 series.

Teen Titans

Will Pfeifer & Kenneth Rocafort


Now as mentioned previously I have never really been a Teen Titans fan so I haven't been reading this series. This preview wasn't a fresh start where new readers can jump on, it covers a lot of stuff that has happened in the series so far.

I did enjoy reading it even though I didn't know exact details of previous events. As usual Kenneth Rocafort's art in a wonderous thing, I really like his work.

It actually made me want to catch up on the series, so definitely a good thing.

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