Women Revealed, Horrowed Counties and Star Lords


No huge spec books this week, but they definitely have potential.

Also a black vortex tie in that seems to be doing OK …

Hopefully once Convergence finishes and we get the new series things will pick up!!!

1. Thor 8

As you all most likely know by now the identity of the female Thor was revealed last week. I won't spoil it for you (even though you probably already know!!) but she definitely wasn't who everyone was expecting.Only going for double cover at the moment but I think this book will have legs going forward.

I first got into Thor when J. Michael Straczynski started writing it (not a fan of most his other stuff though!) but after he left I felt it went gradually downhill. I have really enjoyed the title since they started doing the female Thor story. Great writing and superb art from Russell Dauterman.

I hope they keep the female Thor around for a while as she has a lot of potential.

Thor #8

2. Harrow County #1

Another book that's not getting huge returns (getting double cover) but which I think could have potential (you know it's a dry spec week when I am picking a Dark Horse book).Written by everyone's favourite Deadpool Vs writer Cullen Bunn, this was a good read and left me wanting more and will definitely pick up the next issue. Harrow County #1

3. Legendary Star Lord 9 – Black Vortex part 3

Following the same trend as other low printed parts of Black Vortex (Captain Marvel and Cyclops) this is selling for about 3x cover.Not been reading Black Vortex, but it's Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men so it must have a lot of followers and with tie-ins to low printed series like this it was inevitable that there would be some nice specs.

I know this been out a few weeks now but pickings were slim last week and I noticed this was selling well

Star-Lord #9

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