Superman/Batman 4 German Variant

This week, let me introduce you to the holy grail of many collectors …

Superman/Batman 4 Variant
Published by Panini Germany
Artist : Michael Turner
Print Run: 499

Superman / Batman #4 German Edition

Superman / Batman #4 German Edition

Yes I know, you are speechless, so was I when I saw it for the first time and for the others that already had the chance to admire Michael Turner’s chef d’oeuvre, it reminded you how desirable is this cover. If you heard collectors speaking of a Supergirl nude cover, this is the comic they were referring to.

This Variant reprints Batman/Superman 7 and 8 in German language and is limited to only 499 copies!!!! This one is really hard to find … Expect to pay $500+ for a raw copy, so imagine what a 9.8 can cost you.

With the Supergirl TV series airing on CBS this fall, you can expect the fanbase of Supergirl to expand. So more demand for Supergirl’s key issues (AKA this one) means this could transform into a pot of gold and imagine if she shows up in a DC Movie in a couple of years….

Before leaving you for this week,I would just like to thank my colleague Trey for his recommendation of Action Comics 813.I didn’t knew the existence of this cover before and thanks to him I now have one in my PC. Like he said, it has the same vibe as this variant and it’s a cheap buy for another Turner incredible cover … Do yourself a favor,buy one (or more), you won’t regret it, at least I don’t.

See you next week!


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