Batman #1 1:200 Sketch Variant Raffle for Sebastian

Today I had one of those moments where I realized how important a community can be. I received this in the mail today and was at a loss for words in all honesty. Allergies in Oklahoma this time of year are bad…


This anonymous individual, doesn't want credit or anything, he just wants to help. This is what life is about. Kudos to you sir, you are a good man and appreciated.

The kindness of CBSI members is something that will stay with me forever, especially this gesture.

As everyone knows +Sebastian Czeczotka went in last Wed with his 4th cancer surgery of his young life. He setup a gofund account here We raised some good money for him in his time of need.

This book will be razzed/raffled for him.

It's a legitimate NM+ Batman #1 New 52 1:200 sketch variant. Also included is a Green Lantern #1 New 52 1:200 sketch variant. Both are in amazing shape. I will press the Batman #1 and submit it to CBCS for a free grading for whoever wins this book. The other winner will receive the Green Lantern.

Listen carefully. We are going to run this for One Week

There will be an unlimited amount of spots available for these books. Each slot will be $20 a piece If you want to a slot please put  1 or the # of slots you want below.No comments please, I will delete them immediately.

When the week is over ,everyone who wants a slot will send their donation to

Send me a screenshot of your receipt and I will add you to the razz as paid. It asks you on the page for your name. Your name must match up and be visible on the donation page. No exceptions.

The razz will go accordingly. Whoever is in the 1st spot will win the Batman, whoever is in the last spot will win the Green Lantern. If this goes over $1000k I will donate a NM/M Batman #1 New 52 Warner Bros Variant to this razz.

Please, this is for a good cause. Let's help +Sebastian Czeczotka

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