That Forgotten J. Scott Campbell Supergirl Variant Cover

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Big news about Supes Vs. Bats you musta' seen by now, I figger'd most o' you might be gearing up to find that elusive MOS 17 2nd print or MOS 18 5th print. Welp, be prepared to spend some buxxxx pardner.

For the rest o' you thick on ambition and skinny on wallet, let's get to it.

Find it Now!

Superman / Gen 13 #2 (J. Scott Campbell 1:4 Variant)

sgirll-campbellSo Trey Kenyon got the ball rolling with all variants Supergirl and yes, those DC 75th Anniversary covers are very hard to find. Lord knows I've tried huntin' em down, but other than stumblin' on a crazy cache o' them, they are truly rare in the wild. (‘Cept for that Batman cover by Nowlan, that turns up everywhere like a bad penny). OK, well squirrels, you can hit the bins and see if you can track down this forgotten beauty from the year 2000. You should be able to rustle this one up with some luck for less than $10 on a good day. They are out there — the print run on the book was about 31K meanin' there are about 7.7K copies out there in theory … and now to throw some fire on the pile here (heh). From my quick but expert Google research, this here's the ONLY Campbell cover of Supergirl that's been published. Huh. Supergirl artwork commissions for fans? Yeah he's done a few. (Some a bit too pervy for keepin' around the missus). But a published work under the DC indicia? Correct me if ah'm wrong here fellas! And didja notice that Fairchild's wearing the same digs? So in fact it's two superladiezzz for the price o' one cover? [OH UNCLE SADJUNK YOU HAD TWINZ IN YOUR TOP PICK LAST WEEK TOO, WHATCHUR PERV ISSUE THERE WITH WIMMIN HUH?] Yeah, yeah, fem bloggers, out! Plenty o' men bled lookin' for that WW variant afterwards. Well, folks, you think this book's somethin' worth chasin too?

Honorable Mentions

Ka-Zar #17 (3rd Series, 1998)

Ka-Zar_Vol_4_17Sure, I gotta throw this on the list here since folk's been talkin' bout how Bilbo Baggins will be joinin' the Marvel Universe as Everett Ross, American Regent to Wakanda. Welp I hope that gent can git down a half-decent Yank accent ‘cuz I ain't ever heard him speak a word o'English that I could understand without no blasted subtitles runnin' underneath. Anyways, ain't no way of knowin' for sure if this is a good bet or not, but nonetheless people pretty much plundered all o' the online sites o' this book. And you know what? They all overpaid. I wasn't hell too sure about this spec — ah'm getting to the mind where I'm not gonna go hog wild buyin' a book cuz o'someone shook an ankle at a script. But I found a NM copy in a bin for 50 cents. Two quarters! That ain't even enough to git you more than a piece o' gum outta a candy machine these days. Lord, lord, lord. Well, folks, if you spend more n' a dollar on this lame book, I got a paper bag for you to wear an' a ‘Kick Me' sign too.

Batman #40 / Justice League #40 Newsstand Variants

bat-40-newsstndThis came in as a friendly little tip from a fellow reader and astute buyer o' funnybooks: Walk on over to your local Barnes & Noble like you're a member o' functionin' society where you'd go get a latte, mebbe hopefully get a look at some nice buns tightly packed in heather grey yoga pants, and pretend to paw through some Sturm und Drang novel. Then move quietly to the magazine section, pass News BLAH BLAH, Homemaker Heaven, 1001 Ways to Paint Your Cottage, move on over to Guns N' Ammo, Dinosaur Secrets Revealed an mebbe some big eyed Japanese schoolgirl manga softcore porn, and then flip through that haphazardly stacked bunch o' Batman 40's and JL 40's till you pull a couple o' minty ones, head to eBay and promptly sell for 2X -3X cover to all the lazy buyers. Rinse n' repeat until someone realizes they can go n' do the same.

Green Lantern Blackest Night #49 (1:25 Variant)

Green_Lantern_Blackest_Night-49_Cover-2For a while now I've seen this badass image of Jon Stewart peering through a GL-powered sniper rifle popping up on the Internet now and again. I first thought this was an Alex Ross artwork, but nope, it's done by Rodolfo Migliari. This book had a high print run, but the variant ratio meant in total about 3800 of these covers were made available. I've seen them turn up in bins and online for cheap, and in some places mildly pricey. Find the cheap one for your PC because it's a badass cover.  I got one for $3. There's no other reason to buy this book. If you go down that route, couple of other Blackest Night/Brightest Day variants that are pretty awesome and cheap too. I mentioned Brightest Day Vol. 1 #4 before, and I believe a fellow columnist highlighteBlackest_Night_Wonder_Woman_Vol_1_3_Variantd Blackest Night #4. The other book that I like is Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3 — both covers. Not tryin' ta rouse the Internet here, but this is the rare instance where both regular (Greg Horn) and variant (Ryan Sook) art were NOICE. You mash-up Wondy with Star Sapphire and PRESTO WHAMMO an outfit that's got Lil' Bobby worked up so much that you gonna have to change his sheets mommy! Even Horn's art which usually is a little TOO Horn-y for most collectors suits this cover. Oh that Sook Variant — 2,300 copies or so. As such, bit o' a longshot but remember to check the bins. The story's a couple o' years old so folks likely forgotten 'bout it, an' you might get lucky, an' that make yur Lil' Bobby happy too eh?

Time Masters 1 (of an 8-part mini series)

time-mastersSo Rip Hunter's comin' to the small screen and you all are wonderin' if there's any specs worth gettin' and well, honestly, no. You could go big an' get his first appearance — time travel to 1959 for Showcase #20 — or the first issue o' his self-proclaimed n' self-titled first series — but why on earth you would do that is beyond me. Even one LCS that had some o' those old issues lyin' around wuz a bit puzzled about that when I first broached it with 'em in the first place. OK. Got it. Maybe now, someone will come out with a Showcase #20 for sale. But what's a cheap grab if you're interested in Rip? Well this mini-series will be in the bins and it actually concerns Rip goin' up against … Vandal Savage. Kinda what he's doin' in the TV show, albeit without the Avenge-eerrr I mean the … DC Legends of Tomorrow. ‘Cuz apparently the JSA moniker was taken by someone else, you know. Ahh hell don't even git me started on DC … just grab the whole series. Easy buy. Not worth a damn. But you might even enjoy the read, ya never know.

Ame Comi Vol. 1 #8

Ame-Comi_Girls_Vol_1_8Little more light spec on that DC Legends of Tomorrow news. White Canary on the TV is gonna be a little different than what's in the books from what I can tell. Anyways, you got folks burnin' up eBay as has been pointed out elsewhere for her first appearance in Birds of Prey #1 (2010). But as far as cover appearances go, this is the only White Canary one that I could locate. Again, if ah'm wrong, lemme know. Still, this here's a nice, cheap little pickup and as we know from Ame Comi Vol. 1 #3 (Duela Dent cover) that this comic series certainly has its group o' followers with its all-fem focus an' easy cosplay ideas galore. Heck, I dunno what it izz with white-costumed characters, but they made a statue o' this figure too, just like they did for the White Widow. Anways, git it cheap an' package it with your Birds of Prey #1 and you might just be offerin' a more appealin' deal than the next dude, ya dig?

Alright boys, happy huntin'!

And remember, you find that book you want, make sure you BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!


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