1 Divinity #1 (2015) 1:40 Larosa Variant

2-25-2015-49 WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Ryan WinnThis book is doing crazy things. With an estimated print run of only 256 copies, and a rise in popularity this book snuck up on everyone. Shout-out to Jimmy Linguini for pointing this out on CBSI a few weeks back on his blog. I believe the regular #1 is up to its 4th print and the 1st print copies are going for $30 dollars. Huge Valiant key, super-rare, you know the drill.

2 Wonder Woman 77 Special #1 (2015) Phil Jimenez Variant Cover

1440706_xl WRITER: Marc Andreyko
ARTIST: Drew JohnsonI tried to warn people about this book! I hope some of you listened because this is a $100 bill right now. The cover is perfect, it's nostalgic, and Linda Carter looks hot. Square-bound as well which makes the corners more susceptible to corner dings. These in 9.8 will be an easy $225 in the coming months.

Batman #40 (2015) 2nd Print

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo

A lot of people weren't obviously aware that Batman was going to die in issue #40. The date to order the 2nd print went by and as it looks today not many people did. I seriously think this book has a chance to do stupid things down the road. It's going to be rarer than the 1st and 3rd print. Combo-pack and Newsstand versions might be the only things rarer.


Captain Marvel Vol 6 #17 (2013) 2nd Print Alphona Variant Cover

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade

There is a big debate over which 1st appearance of Khan is going to be her “go to” one in the future. Tough to argue this isn't it though, but All-New Marvel Now Point #1 is starting to gain traction. I don't get why she is popular, but someone is buying her stuff. Buy this now in high grade and sit and wait. You might be rewarded.


5 Dead Drop #1 (2015) Cover A Regular Raul Allen Cover

WRITER: Ales Kot
ARTIST: Adam Gorham

Valiant-mania has taken over again strangely. This book had 4 covers and immediately sold out online at the major retailers. I have no clue why but the Cover A is the one to buy according to sales this past week on eBay. It's going to $15 and selling very well. Might find some in shops still if you look.


6 What If? Vol 1 #10 (1978)

WRITER: Don Glut
ARTIST: Rick Hoberg

What makes this comic so amazing? The fact that in 1978 it was foreshadowed that Jane Foster was going to be Thor? Nope, but regardless this is the 1st appearance of her as Thor. Weird, weird book, but it's now a $40 book thanks to the events this week. Literally went from a dollar book to $40 in a few hours. Crazy how this game works.


7 Brave and the Bold Vol 1 #200 (1983)

WRITER: Mike Barr
ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

Katana is apparently more popular than people thought. Once the image showed up of the Suicide Squad cast last week, this book began sneaking back up in value. She has been on Arrow and will get double duty in Suicide Squad next summer. I like this book and think it hasn't even come close to peaking. This book is tough to find in NM+ condition too, its same run of DC in the 80's where the quality was just poor/


Suicide Squad Vol 1 #48 (1990)

WRITER: Geof Isherwood
ARTIST: John Ostrander

The Joker + Suicide Squad + Low Print Run = $45 book. This book has a lot of room to grow in my opinion. If the Suicide Squad movie is half as good as I think it will be then this book will be ridiculous ont he secondary markets. Especially if they work Barbara Gordon in as its rumored they might. Look at eBay, you can't touch one of these for under $30.


Harbinger #1 (1992)

WRITER: Bob Layton
ARTIST: David Lapham

Valiant is hotter than Dylon in a BET cypher right now. Two movies have been optioned with Harbinger being one of the properties. This book is incredibly difficult to find in NM condition due to the coupon it had in it for Harbinger #0. Think IH #181 without the MVS. Buy these now, you won't be sorry.


10 Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (2014) Siya Oum Variants

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriquez

This was a FCBD exclusive at the Comic Bug in California. It is a 6th print technically, but has a new cover drawn by the beautiful Siya Oum. There were black and white, and color copies available. They are still selling incredibly well for $45 a set. PS Checkout Shaun Leggit's Instagram for the an interesting Siya photo.

1413947_xl (1)

Captain Marvel Vol 7 #14 (2015)Cover A Regular David Lopez Cover (Black Vortex Part 11)

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: David Lopez

$35-40. No clue why, apparently it has a crazy low print run. This book went bat*hit crazy this afternoon on the eBay.


Cyclops Vol 2 #12 (2015) Cover A Regular Alexander Lozano Cover (Black Vortex Part 10)

WRITER: John Layman
ARTIST: Javi Garron

See the 1st Honorable Mention  rinse and repeat. The bubble is getting closer, and closer…………..

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