Drop Dead Wonder Combos!!!


A lot of combo action this week, mixed with drop dead wonder woman

1. Batman 40, Justice League 40, Superman 40 Combo editions

Quite a bit happened in all these issues, we got deaths, drinking and new characters, all mixed in with DC’s last combo packs.Now the main one for spec has to be Batman, especially in UK as no copies were sent here by Diamond due to a ‘printing error’ (not sure how a printing error is geographical as all copies are printed in same location at same time, it not like we even have the dreaded (!!!) pence variants any more).Seeing sales of around £30 ($45) on this, for some reason completed sales on ebay UK are not accurate (I know as some of mine aren’t there!!!).The Justice League only has recorded has just over cover, but they were all snapped up pretty quick, leaving only copies left at £20 ($30) and higher.

Superman 40 combo fared better before release was a multiple sale of 5 copies at £15 ($25) each, with a few then being released at cover and snatched up instantly, leaving in its wake the cheapest copy for sale being £22.50 ($35)

I think these have legs as the are the last combo packs and have low print runs. If you find any at your LCS for cover grab them.

DC Combos

2. Dead Drop #1 cover A, B, C, D

I won't even pretend that I know much about Valiant. I did start reading the books on the relaunch, but with everything else I was reading I ended up dropping them (although I really enjoyed Archer and Armstrong so do plan on catching up on that).

I am only aware of these being hot due to the one and only Jimmy Linguini (read his fantastic blog).

These are getting about 4x cover at the moment and if the heat Divinity is seeing is anything to go by, these will only go up.

Grab these if you see them for cover.

Dead Drop #1 All covers

3. Wonder Woman 77 Special Phil Jimenez 1:25 variant

Another book I was only aware of due to someone else’s work, this time it was head honcho Trey Kenyon. He had been aware of this cover for a while and posted about it a few days before release. From what I know of Trey’s proclivity for cover’s featuring well drawn ladies I was in no way surprised that this was on his radar and as he did with Supergirl Legion of Superheroes 23 Hughes variant, he called it right again.This book is on fire, with the average sales around £60 ($90).Also how many stores will have actually ordered 25 copies of this book to qualify for this variant?? Not many I tell you (none of my usual stores did)This is a prestige style, square bound books, so the few copies I have seen have had spine ticks (not sure if this is common or just the copies I seen) so NM copies of this going to carry a premium. I know someone who had a copy of this in for grading at the weekend so will be interested to hear what grade they got.

There is a 9.8 CBCS copy on ebay.com now, I am interested to see what that achieves.

Wonder Woman '77 Special Phil Jimenez Variant


  • Brandon Gates

    Man i hate convergence too. I was going to get the all the main series after i read a few of the cross overs and realized how horrible those are, but now I’m not even getting the main series, so its looking like no DC for me for a couple months.

  • microchipsandsalsa

    My lcs was selling dead drop for 1.99 a copy. I bought six!! I’ve already flipped one for 10$. I did not discover this from this website though. I checked on the book myself. But very good stuff.

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