Classic Cover of the Week 5/11/2015


New Week, New Covers!!




Easily one of the most unsettling of all the EC covers and it comes from one of the non horror titles.  Cover art by John Severin who also did a lot of work for EC(mainly war titles) as well as work for Marvel on comics like Hulk, Conan and The Nam.

20 Universal examples on the CGC census with an average grade of 8.47.  2 9.8s and 4 9.6 copies are out there, though I believe these are Gaines File Copies that were slabbed.

SHELF DATE of January 1953




(Fiction House)

Crazy Joe Doolin Bondage and Torture cover here.  Not incredibly difficult to find if you are in the market for one, but as with almost all bondage covers, get ready to pay up.

21 Universal Copies on the CGC Census, highest being a lone 9.0.

SHELF DATE of October

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