Sandman Overture #5 Vertigo/DC Combo Pack



Everyone is aware that this past week was the last week DC would release their now collectable Combo Packs. Justice League #40, Superman #40, and the big one Batman #40 all came out a week later than their respective retail editions .No reason given, but throw in the fact the UK didn't get any tells me DC is having issues with them and the printing and bagging process.

The value on these books have been all over the place this week. Tons of stores got allocated though and I honestly think in a few weeks when people realize they aren't getting  a copy at their LCS finally, they will skyrocket.

What people forget is ……



The last combo pack will indeed come out May 20th from Vertigo/DC. Sandman Overture #5. This series has been plagued by multiple issues. Most people aren't even aware it's still going at the moment and have 2 issues left of the run.


According to Comichron the last issue of Sandman Overture #4 that came out in Dec of 2014 sold 58,655.

Sandman Overture 4* $3.99 DC 58,655

Most people have guessed the print run of the last of the DC combo packs to be around 350-500 copies. This is for huge books like Batman, JLA and Superman. A book like Sandman Overture #5 might be a few hundred copies at best printed. I wouldn't be surprised if it was less honestly. DC wants to get away from these bastards and its obvious.

Now rarity doesn't always equal value. Just because something is limited doesn't' make it worth more, but if the Sandman movie does come out and I'm betting it will, then these Sandman combos have a chance to catch fire. I recommend people make a quick 1-5 set regardless. The strange part is the series is scheduled for 6 books, but there is zero chance of getting #6 combo to fill out yer sets. Not sure if that will help or hurt value. Regardless I think its worth the $6 gamble.


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