Incredible Hulk #7 French Variant – January 2004

Hulk #7 (Panini)

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

This week we will look at another French Panini variant! This time it is the Incredible Hulk #7, from January 2004. This comic has so many things going for it! First off, the cover is by Gabrielle Dell’Otto! Next up, it is a reprint of Incredible Hulk 34 and 35 (from the 2nd series). This was the beginning of the amazing run by Romita Jr and Bruce Jones. In my opinion it was the first time the comic run had started to mirror the show from the 70’s, i.e. the lonely man on the run. Finally, like most Panini comics, it has a print run of 3,000.

I will not say these are impossible to find. I have followed these on ebay for a while. They do pop up somewhat consistently. Usually it will run you anywhere from $25 – $50. If you are a Hulk fan (like myself) or a Dell’Otto fan, you have to add one of these to your collection. Happy Hunting fellas!


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