Amazing Spider-Man

Sometimes the amount that a book sells for doesn’t match up with its print run when comparison shopping. Let’s see if we can find some books that may be overvalued to avoid, and some that may be undervalued to pick up.

This week we are going to sort through some print runs/population reports and current values for Amazing Spider-Man.


I want to compare apples to apples, so here are (3) 1:50 variants to compare (variant print runs are not actual, just divided the regular cover by 50 for approximation purposes):

1) ASM #674 Ferry Variant. Print run 1154. Sells for $20-40. Part of the Marvel 50th Anniversary Variant set, this Silver Surfer #4 homage looks amazing.

Recommendationbuy buy

2) ASM #678 Quinones Variant. Print run 1085. Sells for $1200+. Yes, everyone knows about this book and no one can understand why it is so expensive.

Recommendationsell sell

3) ASM #688 JSC Variant. Print run 1189. Sells for $125-150. Sick Lizard art by Campbell. My favorite cover of the 3.


All 3 of these variants have the same ratio and are seen online for sale about the same amount of time.

CGC Graded

1) ASM #50 1st Kingpin. 1729 Universal Graded, 56 graded 9.4 or better. Sells for around $3700 in 9.4.



2) ASM #20 1st Scorpion. 995 Universal Graded, 41 graded 9.4 or better. Sells for around $2500 in 9.4.


Recommendationbuy if you can afford it.

Both are 1st appearances by classic Spidey villains. #50 is an iconic cover. That is a large price difference between the two and #20 is clearly harder to find.

Lowest Print Run

The lowest print run for any non-variant, 1st printing, Amazing Spider-Man (1996-present) is:
Vol. 2 #28. Print run 48,559. This can be had for about $10.

While it is not an iconic cover like the JSC #606-607 (which sell between $30-40), the print run is 30% lower.

Recommendationbuy and then hold



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