Post Convergence/Divergence DC Previews (part 1)

Just read some of the previews from post Convergence/Divergence comics that DC has lined up, and here's what I thought:


Detective comics

Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Manapul and Buccellato continue on the title with the new Batman arc. You don’t really get to see much of ‘Gordo Bat/Chappie' apart from few panels, but it looks like Detective comics could be more focused on the interaction with Gordon and the GCPD.

This one has promise.



Scott Lobdell & Javier Fernandez

I didn’t read all of the Doomed story so am not sure if this character had his 1st appearance there is a new creation for post-Convergence/Divergence DC (is that what is called now? Not as catchy as New 52!!!).

Basically he’s a youth that has been infected with alien spores and has the ability to turn into a Doomsday sort of character. I didn’t not like this, but I didn’t love it either. Will pick it up still and see how I go.


Green Arrow

Benjamin Percy & Patrick Zircher

I really really enjoyed this. Writing was top-notch. Sort of reminded a bit of old Alan Moore Stuff.

I had never heard of Benjamin Percy, so I googled him and turned out he is fiction novelist and he is quite new to comics. He has previously written Detective comics 35 and 36 (which I am definitely going to read now). Also Patrick Zircher’s art really fits well.

I have not been this excited for Green Arrow since Lemire started writing it.


Green Lantern

Robert Venditti & Billy Tan

Didn’t particularly care for this, now maybe it’s because I am still hurting about how poor Green Lantern became after Geoff Johns left (Green Lantern was one of my absolute favourite books for the entire of the his run. Starting with Rebirth and ending with war of the Green Lantern’s – although I will admit War of GL was a bit of a let down).

Probably won’t pick this up. It may be some people's bag, but certainly not mine. Come back Geoff Johns all is forgiven!!!!



Steve Orlando & Aco

Fairly new comers Steve Orlando (Undertow) and Aco (Constantine) have done an OK job with this. Obviously with Midnighter being a gay superhero we have the obligatory opening scenes of him getting out of bed leaving a half-naked man in his wake, just so we know he is gay!

It then goes on to some nice action scenes that are well staged.

This series could go either way, I am not 100% taken with but I will definitely give this a few issues and see how I go.



Mark Russell & Ben Caldwell

Looks like this has nothing to do with the 70’s series of the same name.

Now when I read the synopsis for this ‘Meet Beth Ross, the first teenaged president of the United States… a nation where corporations can run for office, the poor are used for human billboards, and tacos are delivered by drones, our only hope is a nineteen year old twitter sensation’ I did not think this was a book I would enjoy.

Now it is certainly not your usual DC fare and seems more like something you might find on Image. After a few pages I found my preconceptions disappearing and started to enjoy it. Another promising book.


Red Hood/Arsenal

Scott Lobdell & Denis Medri

I was no fan of Red Hood and the Outlaws New 52 series but thought would give this the benefit of the doubt before making my mind up and I will admit it wasn’t too bad. Quite light-hearted with a bit of ‘buddy cop’ humour thrown in. Could turn out to surprise me and actually be an OK series.

definitely will read this and give it a chance which to be honest I wasn’t expecting


Section Eight

Garth Ennis & John McCrea

Now to say I was excited about Garth Ennis’s return to Dc is an understatement (I have loved his work ever since he used to write for 2000AD, although I have to admit I never followed Hitman)

This was typical Garth Ennis and McCrea work and I loved it and will definitely pick this series up.

All I have to say is ‘I am the Grapplah‘ (!!)



Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner, Emanuela Lupacchino & Ray McCarthy

Typical sort of light-hearted stuff from Palmiotti and Conner with nice work on the art by Luppacchino and McCarthy. Looks like the story is going to centre around Starfire wanting to have normal life away from being a super hero. The writing is very similar to their work on Harley Quinn and although it won’t be high on my reading list, I will give it a couple of issues.


Omega Men

Tom King & Barnaby Bagenda

Looks like this book will be focusing on Kyle Rayner. I found the writing in this was good, had not heard of Tom King before and after checking see that he wrote Grayson (which I haven’t read), also art from newcomer Barnaby Bagenda was pleasant on the eyes.

Quite intrigued by this book and will definitely pick it up again to see where it goes from here as not muchabout the direction this book is headed in was really given away.

So, in conclusion, some promising looking books, some that look to be breaking away from the usual DC mould.The highlight, without a doubt, was Green Arrow.I look forward to further previews in upcoming titles and it nearly made me forgot how god damn awful Convergence is!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ben Steiniger
    Ben Steiniger

    Thanks for this!

  • Avatar

    I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it, and I’m seriously not attempting to start anything, but your comment got me to thinking:

    “Obviously with Midnighter being a gay superhero we have the obligatory opening scenes of him getting out of bed leaving a half-naked man in his wake, just so we know he is gay!”

    If it had been, say, Nightwing and Starfire in bed together, would you have even made note of it? Probably not. It’s just a curiosity when a straight couple is being “intimate” together in a comic, usually nothing is said, but if it’s a gay couple, it usually results in a slight mention or something. I don’t really view it as “obligatory”, I just view it as “a moment in the life of midnighter.” Just a thought!

    • Yroc

      Well, in all fairness (if I recall correctly), when comic books started getting more “mature” and sex scenes were not so prevalent, there was usually a warning comment/obligatory note made from reviewers. Given the relatively short time that the gay lifestyle has become mainstream, it’ll probably take some time for it to be commonplace enough that it’s not noted.

  • Santos

    Nice round up Simon!

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