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I love comics and I love money! Thank goodness these two go hand-in-hand. As comic speculation grows, there seems to be a lot more players in the market. Unfortunately for many, a lot more players means a lot more suckers. A savvy investor understands the difference between a potential investment and absolute BS.

Clone #1 Breath of Bones #1 Letter 44 #1 Sheltered #1 Bunker #1 Planetoid #1

I’ve noticed a trend. It seems like a ton of comics are being optioned these days. Every two hours, a new comic is being optioned for a groundbreaking movie or TV show. What does this mean? Who really knows? Should I go out and buy every copy of (insert wack title here) that I can find? Should I get the 1:100 variant?

Answer: Hell No! Don’t be a dummy!!!

For the record, I own a NM copy of every comic pictured above. I’ve considered using them as fireplace kindling, paper towels, or even coloring books for my nephew. Each book has been optioned for a movie. Each book I’ve spent at least $10 on… $10 I may never get back. Unlike many poor souls, I’ve learned from my mistakes.

When a comic has been optioned, it simply means that the producer has purchased the “exclusive right to purchase” the screenplay for a set amount of time. This is a slow process. In order for a show or movie to take place…

  1. A screenplay must be written.
  2. Agreements must be made with the director, actors, and financiers (source of money).
  3. A studio must be found as well as additional financing related to distribution.
  4. All stakeholders must agree on the final product.

Options may last 12-18 months. They’re generally not expensive in terms of Hollywood dollars. To give an example, Quentin Tarantino was paid $50,000 to option his script for “True Romance”. I know this is true because I read it on Wikipedia. This basically means that a big-budget Hollywood company can hijack a movie’s rights for pennies on the dollar, and then do nothing with it.

Here are some other “blazing” books that have been optioned for a movie. I like to use them for origami practice. They also make great fly swatters!

Malignant Man #1 Wytches #1 Day Men #1 War Heroes #1 Red Star #1

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go out and buy these books. I also own a NM copy of everything that you see pictured here. There’s a right price for everything. Please just understand that “optioned” does not mean “guaranteed movie” or “instant mega bucks”.

Thanks for reading Comic Bucks. Stay savvy and spend your comic book money wisely!


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    great article!! could not agree more!

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    Good points. It’s very easy to get excited and lose sight of how risky an investment can be. $10 may not be a large investment for most, but do it often enough and you have a pile of overpriced kindling.

  • Mark Moffat

    Great article again like you i have most of those mentioned But i bought to READ… when first published … yea even The Red Star .. the exception being a Larrys Day Men which i paid 10euro for .you must buy what you like first a foremost

  • Yroc

    Great article. Wiki told me so.

  • Santos

    Nice stuff man. Good advice here.

  • Ares

    I was just talking about the sand thing with s friend that recently started to collect. I even showed him my copies of Wytches.

    Great article, you explained it much better than I did. I’m gonna have to forward it to him.

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    I would also include first appearance “keys” from the Big Two. Recently, Ego the Living Planet, Silver Sable and Cloak and Dagger from Marvel have been given the option nod. From DC, Lobo and hmm not much else have been mentioned in the media. PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RETURNS. For every PREACHER or WALKING DEAD there are three CONSTANTINE.
    Being optioned is like being asked to go to the prom. Still have to get tickets, rent a tux, get a corsage, etc. BEFORE the dance. Many things can delay or derail a potential TV or cinematic project. So, I might get the DEADLY CLASS HC to read like I did with THE WICKED AND THE DIVINE or the RACHEL RISING trades. Because I love comics too!
    But, I get it: It’s tough to resist 200-500% ROI when banks are offering 1.25%. I can’t post these books fast enough!
    #specwisely #fanboyFRANTICS

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