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Multiversity ended last week, and, even though I wouldn't put this down on Grant Morrison's success column, it had its moments and some Frank Quitely work that sent the rest of comic artists back to art school. We are here today to take a look at the 5 cover sets of the series, though.

If there's something that DC seems to be doing right these days it's precisely that: variant covers. From the monthlies to the special projects (like this one or, God help me, Convergence), DC has realized that variant covers will help them move copies of their books, no matter how bad they are. In this instance, I would have bought the whole series regardless, but some of the Multiversity variants add an extra layer of wow to the series and are really appropiate.

Regular covers + B&W 1:10 Variants

Nothing much to say about these ones … The artist providing the interiors for each issue (except the Guidebook), tried to come up with an image that would fit the story inside.

Every single issue has a B&W 1:10 variant that I am not going to include in the article to avoid the image overload, it's just the same cover, but in black and white.

1:25 Homage covers

I think this is the winner as variant sets for a single series go. Covers homaging classic covers, nothing wrong with that, in fact, we love them! On top of that, they give us a glimpse into one of those 52 universes we have really only heard about, acting as a snapshot or a teaser of how it looks like.

What makes it all the more special (and in my mind confirms that this set, in particular, was a labor of love from the whole team) is that the left hand side Earth indicator is different from the one of the regular version and matches the universe depicted on the homage cover. And they got all of them right, too.

Bizarro heroes vs Starro? The Love Syndicate of Dreamworld being turn into trees by a glowing artichoke? People at DC, these are the type of stories I want to read, please!!!

Taking a page from Yoni's Crazy for Cover Swipes, here are the covers and the originals, side by side.

1:50 The History of the Multiverse

Another great set, this time we get a walk down memory lane and re-visit all the key moments in the history of the DC multiverse, from the Flash of Two Worlds to Multiversity itself. All of the stories that made up (and then tried to destroy) the richness of an infinite number of universes to play with are represented here and it makes for a great gallery of both fun and horrible stories.

It's funny to see how, even though these stories originally started happening organically, they then became a chain of reality rearranging events … If you are a DC fan, these covers will talk to you.

1:100 Grant Morrison Sketch Covers

Finally, the ones that everybody can probably live without but the ones with the lowest print run, so they are actually the most expensive ones. These ones feature material from Grant Morrison's sketchbook and they are a fun tribute to the writer, which will probably be treasured by his hardcore followers. They are not bad, but in a world where you have the 1:25 AND 1:50 sets to choose from …

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