It’s all about Bob and the 40’s


YAWWWN, more convergence pony blocking up the schedule!

But this week it’s all about the 40’s and good ol' Bob Fett!

1. Batman #40 Standard Cover, Movie Variant, 1:25

*** Potential Spoilers ***

It was pretty inevitable this would be on the top of the list this week.

With the big events that happened in this issue it was always going to be a massive spec issue.

Are they really dead? Probably not.

Do we care? NO!

The end game arc was a great read from beginning to end and without spoiling too much I think Snyder did a really good job of finishing it off and settling the Joker's origin that was messed around with in this arc.

Most major retailers sold out pretty quick on these, with a lot of stores putting a 1 per customer limit.

The standard and movie covers are selling for 2 to 3 times cover and I can see these settling at around £10 to £15 ($15 to $22).

The 1:25 is selling for between £30 and £50 ($45 to $75) and my prediction on this is it will stay around the £50 mark.

I think these are good spec books for the mean time until SHOCK HORROR, when we will discover that he’s really not dead.

On a side note, I did notice reading the FCBD Divergence book that in the Justice League Darkseid Wars section, you could see Batman in one panel looking like Metron/Tron with the caption that a new god was born. So could Bruce Wayne be due to be reborn as a New God?

Batman #40, reg, movie variant and 1:25

2. Justice League #40 Standard Cover, Movie Variant, 1:25

Now there are no recorded sales yet for these issues above the original price, but eBay has been cleared and they are now being listed at £15 ($22) and higher (although the movie variant is still just over cover, it does have to be the funniest cover I have seen for a while and is definitely one for the ladies – and some guys I imagine!).All this is down to the 1st appearance of Grail (Darkseid’s daughter).Whether or not this will be classed as cameo app or 1st full appearance, only time will tell.

But for now I think this is a solid spec.

Justice League #40 reg, movie var and 1:25

3. Star Wars #4 Boba Fett Exclusive Variant

Now this book is an absolute beast and average sales are now £60 ($90) or higher.There were only 5000 of these made and you could buy this off John Tyler Christopher’s website for £14 ($20), which sold out within a few days.Then the juggernaut got rolling and this book has been going up and up.

I think once the dust settles and everyone has their books in (there have been some delays due to just JTC and his wife taking care of the shipping), the true value of this book will shine through.



  • Chris Obeso

    I cannot wait for my Boba Fett variants to arrive, especially since a movie has been officially confirmed. I think Mr. Fett just may be the MVP for 2015!

  • Santos

    Spider Gwen or Silk may give Fett a run for his money. Although both were introduced in 2014, they both had their 1st ongoings in 2015. Which are great both great BTW…liking Spider Gwens a lil bit better though.

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