Classic Cover of the Week 5/4/2015


New Week, New Covers!!

Marvel Comics #2



Very few know about this cover that was done by Bill Everett when the Marvel Comics title was being created.  Watercolor and gouache on Craftint Doubletone paper gives a familiar look to issue #1 but with Sub Mariner on the cover instead of Human Torch.


This Artwork came to auction in the 1991 Winter Comic Book Auction at Sotheby's and has not been seen or heard of again since.  The price realized for this art has not been disclosed and is surely tucked away in a collector's portfolio for the long haul.




IS THIS TOMORROW (Canadian Version)

(Catechetical Guild)

This 1947 promotional comic is at worst, an intriguing piece of Anti-Communist propaganda from the beginning of the Cold War era.  This is not a straight reprint of the U.S. version as the cover and interior have been changed to reflect the Canadian audience.

4 Universal copies on the CGC census, 1 6.5, 1 3.5 and 2 3.0 copies.



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