Batman Superman #1 We Can Be Heroes Variant – June 2010

Batman / Superman #1 We Can Be Heroes Variant

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

This week we will look at Batman Superman #1, the We Can Be Heroes Variant cover. This was published in June 2013, with an amazing cover by Jim Lee. I have had multiple people emailing me and messaging me about this, so I thought I would throw this on the website, as it seems not many people know about this. This comic was only available on the DC We Can Be Heroes website, if you made a decently sized donation to the foundation. There were many other items available on the website, such as shirts, mugs, etc….but this seemed to be the item a lot of people wanted. It only had a print run of 950.

This comic could be considered the “variant” of variants. The regular Batman Superman #1 had a print run of 143,000, and with a print run of 950, this could be considered a 1:150 variant. These are a very tough find, as they seem to be on the bay mostly. Expect to pay $100 + for a copy. With the movie coming out, the scarcity of the comic, and an awesome Jim Lee cover, this is a must have for Batman and/or Superman fans! Happy Hunting fellas!

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