Wonder Woman ’77 Phil Jimenez Variant



I have been waiting and waiting for this variant to come out. I knew about it a few months ago, but haven't been able to find anywhere to order it. The new Wonder Woman '77 book is based on the television show and Linda Carter's exploits as Wonder Woman. Nobody will have ordered this book to receive the variant sadly. Midtown sold out almost instantly. The Phil Jimenez cover is outstanding and portrays Carter in her best light. I have heard this is a 1:10 and have also heard it's a 1:25. I'm hoping a store owner can clarify.

Twitter user @marcandreyko posted this to @philjimineznyc ‘s Twitter account tonight showing both cover's due out next week.

This variant will be Tony Chachere's Hot. There will be a lot of kids who grew up in the 70's who will have to own this book. Not to mention its absolutely beautiful. With the recent success that Wonder Woman #38 Finch variants have had, I really think this book has a chance at being a $100 book by 5/8/2015/


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