FCBD 2015: What you should be getting!

Free Comic Book Day is almost here! This year, there will be 50 books to pick up from. I took a look at some of the books just to let you know what looks promising …

DC: Divergence

FCBD 2015 DC: Divergence

FCBD 2015 DC: Divergence

DC went out of its way this year to bring out a book people WILL BE talking about.

Three 8-page previews of Batman (follow-up of Batman #40: first Gordon as Batman), Superman (where they destroy one of the pillars of the Superman mythos: no more secret identity) and the origin of a new character (Grail, Darkseid's daughter) who will have much to say in the upcoming Justice League Darkseid War arc (if this is part of a future Justice League issue, get ready for some debating on what the first appearance of this character is).

This issue has something for everyone. There are a few presales on the bay for $10 and people will want to read this after Batman #40. If they are indeed previews of future issues, the time-window to resell this will be small, so move fast!!!

Marvel: Secret Wars #0

FCBD 2015 Marvel: Secret Wars #0

FCBD 2015 Marvel: Secret Wars #0

This book has 3 things going for it: a great Alex Ross cover, the first chapter of Secret Wars and the backup Attack on Avengers story.

We all know that the cover alone makes the book interesting, and that's a good thing, because the story is mostly recap and setup for Secret Wars. If you, like myself, expected this to be about Miles Morales fighting Punisher 2099, prepare to be underwhelmed!

On the other hand, kudos to Marvel for adding the Attack on Titan / Avengers crossover. It's just a few pages of the Avengers fighting giants, but my crossover collection the world wouldn't be the same without it!

Marvel: All-new All-different Avengers

FCBD 2015 Marvel: All-new All-different Avengers

FCBD 2015 Marvel: All-new All-different Avengers

This issue features (guessing here) an original story by Mark Waid and beautiful art by Mahmud Asrar which introduces the All-new All-different Avengers (what's next after this title?): Iron Man, (female) Thor, the Vision, Captain America (ex-Falcon), Ms Marvel, Spider-Man (Miles Morales, confirmed by another character calling him Miles) and Nova. And it's a great little story to spotlight the teenage characters!On top of that, there's also a 10-page preview of Uncanny Inhumans #1 and a 3-page preview of Max Ride: First Flight #1.

Again, as long-term “investments” the problem is whether the stories are just previews or original material, but the main story is worth a look and with so many hot characters in it, you should probably get a couple of copies. A couple of pre-sales on ebay got up to $8!

Comix Tribe: And Then Emily Was Gone

FCBD 2015 Comix Tribe: And Then Emily Was Gone

FCBD 2015 Comix Tribe: And Then Emily Was Gone

Adding this to the list mostly based on personal taste and also because this series became a bit of a surprise when it was published. Dubbed as Twin Peak in Scotland, this is only the first of Comix Tribe's harvest of indie UK comics, and if you don't really know much about it, it's a powerful scene (memo: I should probably write an article on the UK indie scene, if only to say I was there before they all became successful)

This issue features an all-new prelude story which has not been printed on the already published TPB, so there might be some interest from the people who enjoyed the series. It might also be not very easy to find.

Add to this a really cool cover by Ryan Stegman and I would say we are in business. In any case, you can be sure it will be worth a read.

Fantagraphics: Hip-Hop Family Tree

FCBD 2015 Fantagraphics: Hip-Hop Family Tree Three-In-One

FCBD 2015 Fantagraphics: Hip-Hop Family Tree Three-In-One

After last year, this book should be on everyone's must-get list.This time, we get previews of material on the 3 Hip-Hop Family Tree volumes. The third one is only out in August, so there will be interest for both casual and hardcore fans. On top of that, we get some pin-ups and the most interesting bit of the whole book (and the whole thing is very interesting as a whole): a reprint of the 3-page Rob Liefeld / Spike Lee team-up that only came out in a comic that was included in the boxed set containing volumes 1 and 2. I think this might give some extra legs to this comic. It's drawn in pastiche Liefeld style too!!!

To round the comic up, Fantagraphics include a preview of the Cosplayers series, in which abominable things are done to Kirby comics. Well, they are cut in pieces, but still … Bad move!!!

IDW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Turtle madness sweeping the comic business these days, so this will get sought after!

The preview text says it all really:

The Turtles' final battle with Shredder begins here! This book will take us inside the minds of key characters in the TMNT universe, revealing the epic moments that have led to the present, as well as setting the stage for the biggest storyline yet with all new material!

Original turtle material in this specific moment of Turtles history is a big thing. How big? Multiple $10 sales on ebay big.

And this is not Marvel or DC so you know that it will not be so easy to find out there, so I would say prices will only go up.

Dark Horse: Fight Club

FCBD 2015 Dark Horse: Fight Club / The Goon / The Strain

FCBD 2015 Dark Horse: Fight Club / The Goon / The Strain

Steadily selling for $4 on ebay right now, this book might have some staying power. I know, Dark Horse already sent retailers an advance review copy of Fight Club 2, but they sold well. These will be more available, which will get the mouth engines working and general population will actually become aware of this. There are many people who are big fans of the movie, so this book should be safe, at least until the real comic comes out.

The fact that this comic also has new The Goon and The Strain stories should add a little gas to the fire! As far as I understand, Dark Horse is doing things properly and giving away 3 hot properties using possibly the hottest one as bait.

Might not set ebay on fire, but people will want to see what that Fight Club 2 thing is all about.


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