Suicide Squad & Batman vs Superman Movie Speculation

I wrote this last year and it looks like I might have been pretty damn close. With news of Ben Affleck being in Toronto to film Suicide Squad scenes.

Legends #1

I have long been in the camp that Amanda Waller is the most undervalued character in the DC Universe. Follow me for a second…….

The reason I feel the Marvel Movie Universe works so well was because of the planting of Samuel Jackson in the Iron Man movie and the subsequent cameo appearances in Thor, Cap etc etc. He was  a central figure that brought the universe together without the need of a plot or a movie. I feel that DC will implement this same strategy with Waller.

She is relevant in the New 52 and plays the puppet strings in the same fashion as Fury. I have a gut feeling she is going to help Batman in BvS:DoJ with intel on Superman and thus beginning her ascension into the movie universe…………………… I'm crazy right?

What movie does WB plan on releasing after BvS:DoJ? Suicide Squad you say? Who is the central figure that controls the strings of the Suicide Squad? Amanda Waller, she puts the team together and plays each one of them to do her bidding.

I think the events in BvS:DoJ will lead government agencies such as Waller's to come up with a Black Ops team and that team will be the Suicide Squad. Wouldn't be surprised if Affleck/Batman makes an appearance the same way other heroes did in the Marvel universe. If Harley Quinn is going to be in the SS movie, Batman has to be included to give the fim validity.

This book is still in Dollar Bins, everyone ran and grabbed #3 as they should have but I have been grabbing #1's for awhile. If Coulson can be a popular character in the Marvel universe I say that Waller will be easier to hate therefore being more memorable in the long run.


  • Steve miller

    Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully she is a strong presence like Samuel L. Jackson. Whenever I look through back issues and I see #3 gone, but #1 still there, I pick it up. I am not sure who or why someone would take #3 and not grab #1 for the dollar or two it is being sold for in the bin.

  • timwalker

    I hope you’re right. I want these movies to be good and tie together the entire DC Universe, just as Marvel is doing. But, I am an extreme optimist. I’m rooting for success in the Valiant Movie Universe, and any other Universe that wants to go Big Screen!

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