GoCollect.com is Invaluable Tool

If you haven't visited the banner up above and taken advantage of the offer you are making a huge mistake. Granted GoCollect.com is a sponsor, but if they decided to leave and disassociate from us right now, they would still get my money. Why? They are one of if not the most valuable tools I have in collecting.

Just today I was about to overspend on a few CGC books I had my eyes on. I decided to check prices on GoCollect.com and found I was about to overpay on the books. I looked around and found two cheaper options and bought them. I saved $73 by using GoCollect just today.

They also have CBCS books in their algorithm now too, which makes it even more handy to use. You can click the boxes to have the engine search for the exact books you want. CGC SS, Universal, Restored, Qualified, CBCS, CBCS SS etc. See Below. You can slide the time marker and have the average be anywhere from 24 months, down to 3 months to get a broader idea.2015-04-28_21-10-02

The site also has a cool function I use that is called the Value Badge Maker. It creates a badge with the information you want. Let's say you want to post how much a 9.8 CGC Batman Adventures #12 is averaging? You input the data you want and it will spit out a badge that looks like this.

I know there is competition regarding sites such as GoCollect but this is the best. It even tracks eBay raw data as well.

Check it out, it will save you money I promise.


  • Santos

    Is a great website to use, they dont have every book though, no what if? Venom/deadpool, sunfire/big hero6 1 to name a few, but is nice and saves alot of time!

  • comickiller72

    sometimes an Ad is also good editorial entertainment and basically is as ‘advertorial’ and blurs the line which is a good thing.

    I am very interesting in this tool. Basically I’ve been looking at data by crunching the numbers of Ebay filters on sold listings to get this type of data.

    To see if presented in graphs and pie charts and what not is way better and time saving. and now with CBCS included. This is a Strong Buy!

  • Santos

    Comickiller, i used to spend hours and hours before on ebay trying to find a good avg on books whenever i wanted to buy a big book, now, like you mentioned, fast, quick and easy with GoCollect. Just wish they would update their library as some books are not yet covered on their website.

  • Avatar

    I prefer comicsvalue.com , they have a huge archive of past comics auctions – and it’s free.

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