Crap, closets and dead ninjas!


Another week of DC spec killed by a steaming pile of Convergence (and to think I normally LOVE DC events!!!!!!!) Let’s hope Secret Wars fares better.

The only shining light was an X-Man coming out the closet and the death of a Ninja

1. G.I. Joe 213: Death of Snake Eyes Part 2


So it turns out the Snake Eyes bit the bullet this issue. Now I have never read a GI Joe comic before but decided to read this as I am writing about it. All I will say is it’s a bit of a let down really. His death is implied but I feel they have left it so there is a possibility for him to return at a later date (that being a slim possibility as it without spoiler things too much he’ll be in pieces now!!).

Most people were expecting his death to occur in the final part of the death story line in 214, so think this caught people off guard. Only time will tell when next issue is out which issue is the most key in this 3 part story. But all indications point to 213 being the issue to go for.

Prices being achieved are £10 to £15 ($15 to $23) with no recorded sales of 1:10 (GI Joe never been big in UK so debatable if many stores even ordered 10!!!!)


2. All New X-Men 40

With the news that Bobby Drake AKA Iceman from the past is gay this issue has seen a rapid rise in price and is now selling for $15.

Now does this mean that present day Bobby Drake is so far in the closet he is in Narnia!!!

Think they handled the scene quite well, but does leave a question as to why Jean Gray has only just mentioned this now, surely she was always aware of this?

All-New X-Men #40

3. Infinite Loop #1

Only became aware of this book whilst doing my weekly research into prices on last weeks books and discovered it is going for just over 2x cover.

I was intrigued so decided to locate a copy and had a read, it was OK (kind of meh!), but doubt I’ll go back for issue 2.

Definitely only a quick flip that will probably be cover next week and quickly forgotten about …



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