Black Widow #1 Iron Man Movie Variant – June 2010

Black Widow #1 (2010)

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Thanks for coming back to another episode! This week we will look at The Black Widow #1, the Iron Man Movie Variant cover. This was published in June 2010, with an amazing movie photo cover. Forget all the AH or JSC covers, when you can have the real thing! If you are a Black Widow fan, or Iron Man, or just the Avengers movies, in general, you may want to look at grabbing one of these comics.

This was a 1:10 cover, but trust me, finding one is no small or easy task. The Black Widow #1 had a print run of 32,000. So, conceivably there are 3,200 of these floating around out there. But as I stated before, go try and find one, especially for a decent price. Expect to pay $50 + for a copy. It’s my belief you need one of these for your PC; Scarlett + Iron Man + Low Print = One Hot Comic! Happy Hunting fellas!


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