Super Megafest: April 17th-19th – MARLBOROUGH, MA

We start a new section to keep all of us informed on which conventions we are missing out on and which ones we should pretend never existed. The good thing is that everybody is invited to join with their own convention report. To make things easier, we have included our template here, so just post your review on the forums and we will integrate all of them into an article.

We start with Ben C's experience at the Spring Super Megafest!!!

Q: Were there pre-sale tickets (online/in-store), and could you get in early?
A: Yes, Yes
Q: How many retailers were there?
A: Around 30 or so, but only a handful of comic vendors
Q: How was the floor layout?
A: Usual set up, rows of booths
Q: What was the most ridiculously over-priced book you saw?
A: Restored AF 15 2.0 for 7K
Q: What was the highest priced book you saw?
A: All American Comics #16 @ 25K
Q: What was your best bargain purchase? Why?
A: Trading for a JIM 83 or All Winners 3. Timely books are near impossible to find, JIM 83 is nice nice nice
Q: What was your favorite item purchased? Why?
A: Adventures into Terror #28 because it has a Skeleton operating a wrecking ball….
Q: What was your favorite comic purchased? Why?
A: Same
Q: What was the rarest book you saw?
A: All American Comics #16
Q: What were some books you were surprised the dealers had priced so high? (that you saw multiple dealers had at a high price, not just a single as above)
A: With only 3 “real” dealers its tough to answer that, but all 3 had ASM 300
Q: Were any artists present? What were your experiences with them?
A: Van Sciver was there, talked for a few minutes because the show was dead, probably should have had a sketch or two done…
Q: If you were the promoter, what would you have done to make this show better?
A: Go back to running once a year instead of twice
Q: Did you see a dealer try to swindle a rookie? If so, explain.
A: No
Q: How much was this con about just the comics?
A: 25%
Q: How much was this con about the cos play?
A: 50%
Q: How pumped up was the crowd?
A: 7/10
Q: How strong was the haggleability?
A: Always easy to barter


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