1st Appearance Batman
No denying the importance of this issue with the introduction of Batman, arguably the most popular of all Superheroes.  When this book does make it to auction new records are set no matter the grade.  People are even paying up for single pages of this Golden Age key!


Classic Cover

One of the most Iconic covers of all time and the 4th appearance of Batman.  Argued to be the 2nd most important Batman book of all time and the prices paid when this comes to market support that.  For those of us with out tens of thousands of dollars to put down on a low grade copy of this book, thankfully Neal Adams did a cover swipe for issue #227.

        BATMAN #1 Sketch

3 BATMAN #1 Vol. 2

Greg Capullo 1:200 Variant

While every other major DC character got a series/issue number reboot in the mid 1980's to early 1990s, Batman never did.  Fans had to wait 713 issues before the New 52 launched in November of 2011 to see the first Batman #1 since 1940.  While the standard cover and the 1:25 Variant are great to own, this is by far the hottest of the New 52 issues.


4 BATMAN #357

1st Appearance Jason Todd & Killer Croc

With the rumor of Killer Croc appearing in the Suicide Squad movie this minor Copper Age key has caught the attention of collectors, investors and flippers alike.  Once coveted for the first appearance of Jason Todd, the focus is now on Croc!  I would also point out #358 is starting to gain some steam as well and should be watched closely!

 BATMAN #121



1st Appearance of Mr. Zero(Mr. Freeze)

As with most early Silver Age DC comics, Batman #121 is just not that easy to find.  With the current trend of villain first appearances showing an upward trend in pricing, Mr. Zero is leading the pack for Bat baddies.  Even very low grade examples are commanding hundreds of dollars, showing just what the market can do when a long overlooked books gets the attention it deserves.


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