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Well what a week it has been.

Read some of the worst books I have read in a long time with all the convergence tie-ins (even the main series I am not sure about).

Run the Jewels seem to be running things this week and due to a lack of major spec this week I have added some books that I think are worth watching

1. Deadpool #45 / Howard the Duck #2 Run the Jewels Variants

Both of these are bringing in good money and also have really cool covers. As much as I like to think I know my music (especially Hip Hop) I wasn't aware of Run the Jewels till I heard of these variants. Since then I have listened to both albums and thought they were superb, so that makes these variants even better to me.I think the Howard the Duck will be the rarer of the 2 (how many stores order 50 copies of Howard the Duck??) as a lot of stores will have gone bigger than usual on Deadpool due to it being the ‘death' of Deadpool (haven't gotten round to reading this book yet – although I am not the biggest Deadpool fan!!!)

Can definitely see these books going up in value and also think with the black cover and the problems that come with handling oversize books that graded 9.8's of Deadpool will command a good premium

Deadpool 45

Deadpool 45

Howard the Duck 2

Howard the Duck 2


1. Descender #2

As you'll know if you read my weekly posts I have LOADS of faith in this book (also a lot invested with a MASSIVE stack of issue 1 – various covers).After reading the 2nd issue I love this book even more.

I can really see this book blowing up and the true sign of that will be after the 1st trade is released (it wasn't until the 1st trade of Saga that it really rocketed in price)

If you haven't read this book I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Descender 2

2. Never go Home #1 ECCC Descendents variant

This is also another book I cannot big up enough. An absolute fantastic read and what a lot of people are calling the best book so far of 2015.It isn't the most original story but for some reason everything about this book just works.

I am not sure that a lot of people are even aware of this variant (a superb homage to Jeff ‘Rat' Atkins album cover for Punk Rockers Descendents – Milo goes to College) and the print run reported by Ashcan press is only 100.

I have put this in under one to watch as I don't feel this book has seen its true value yet.

Also with a white cover high-grade copies of this book are going to be harder to come by.

We can never go home 1 ECCC


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