1st Appearance Harley Quinn
Without a doubt the hottest HQ book on the market right now.  12 months ago this was a very desirable book, 6 months ago, this was a must have book, now this is a MONSTER key issue for the modern age.  News of the Suicide Squad movie took this book from 300 or so to 1K + in 9.8Keep an eye out for the EXTREMELY RARE Newsstand version.


Origin Harley Quinn

One shot from 1994 featuring the origin of HQ.

2nd and 3rd printings exist with different cover art and sometimes command more money than the 1st printing.


3 BATMAN ADVENTURES #16 (2nd Series)

Harley Joker Wedding Cover.

Tough to find modern day classic cover.  Released in 2004 targeted at the younger audience mixed with the early 2000s being a low time in print runs leaves this book on the top of most HQ Fan's lists instead of in their collections.



Intro to the New 52 Suicide Squad.

Under ordered compared to other major titles of the New 52 launch, supply was quickly outstripped by demand and while this was an easy 25.00 book in raw NM before the movie announcement, post movie announcement this is now an easy 80.00-100.00 for true NM to NM+ copies.

 HARLEY QUINN #1 Variant


Adam Hughes Variant

An absolute scorcher of a book.  While Adam Hughes variants usually do very well, this seems to be over the top.  For a 1:25 Variant, and this HQ title coming out well after the success of Suicide Squad I am a little surprised to see so few on the market.  As of now there are only 4 copies available with a buy it now, and all are CGC slabs.  Tough to decipher if this book is being squirreled away by retailers waiting to cash in closer to the SS movie, or if most have found their way into personal collections not to be released into the market for years to come.


  • Paul Wiederhold

    I wonder if anyone has all 5 up for sale. One of our own paid less that $0.50 for a BA 12 at one point, insane!

  • Yroc

    No mention of Harley Quinn’s 1st appearance in DC continuity? Batman: Harley Quinn
    Love the Alex Ross cover of that book.

    • Ben C

      Its tough with a top 5, there are obviously a lot of books that could have been on a top 10, cutting to top 5, the Dini Prestige was close but just not as much heat as the others. Same with Bat 570, New SS 1 and some others.

  • Jason S

    Love this list! Great job Ben!

  • JamesGoodwin

    Nice list; I really like this idea for a column. I’ve only ever seen one BA 16 in the wild and snapped it up as quick as I could.

  • Santos

    I need to buy the 2nd print of mad love…didnt know there was a 3rd….or maybe i did but forgot.

    As a harley fan, i agree, those books are wanted by us all!!
    and yes, harkey fans tuck those books away, i too am surprised the hughes cover doesnt come up for sale more often. Would love to have 5 more copies of each of these 5 books

  • Avatar

    Those are all now on my HQ watchlist.

  • Avatar

    Im sure ive got a copy of harley quinn 1 tucked away somewhere, bought it off ebay as a £5 mixed grab bag ! Hooooey !

  • Avatar

    Nice list Ben. Harley is hot as hell right now.

  • Duc

    Lurve me ssome HQ! Thanks for this entry Ben! Great stuff!

  • Avatar

    I am always so conflicted on whether or not to sell my BA12. On when hand i am not a major Harley Fan (and I like money) but I am a weird completist and that hole in my Batman Adventures run would drive me crazy. It’s nuts to think I sold a lot full of Batman comics with my extra copy of this in it for less than $30 about ten years back.

  • vanix

    No word of a lie. I’ve got 5 crates of comics strored away that i hadn’t looked at for 15years or so. I’ve only just got back into comics in the last year and had a separate box of my recent and good stuff so was working with those. Once your Valiant posts hit i decided to go search for those because i had so many. When i finally found the crate i had looked at all my Valiant and there was some old DC stuff in there. I thought i’d look for some Deathstroke, Black Canary, Action Comics etc, anyway, I had Batman Adventures 1,2 & 3 all bagged, then further going through the box i see Batman Adventures 12, no bag, just sitting naked with other comics. Don’t think i’ve ever had goosebumps like that before. It’s always been that comic I wish i had but would never really own. So in a way it wasn’t even a $1 box find, it was a free find in my collection. I still haven’t gone through the other boxes, might save that for another day. Funnily enough a lot of my old comics were from second hand books shops etc, with writing on them, $1 in black pen but this BA12 was in pretty good shape, nice and flat, good colours and shape with just a few creases on the spine. I don’t even know why or how i got it.
    If i could attach a pic i’d show the first pic of the find.

  • Lillington

    Just picked up a HQ #1, (first series) this week. Watching ebay and trying to nab a BA #12 and the Hughes variant 1.

  • Chris Obeso

    Killer post Ben! I have zero Harley right now and that makes me kind of sad.

  • David P

    I paid $139.99 for my BA12 a little more than a year ago I believe. It’s probably 9.4-9.6 and would benefit from a press but 9.8 is not in the cards. I just remember going back and forth with myself and trying to justify the $125+ purchase. One of the few times I went with my gut and it paid off greatly.

    I also think the New 52 SS #1 is going to blow up even more once this movie approaches. Harley’s first appearance in the SS with a sweet ass cover? Yes please!

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