1 Star Wars #4 (2015) Boba Fett Variant (5k Print Run)

030915-john_tyler_christopher-starwars-004_boba_fett_action_figure (2) WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: John Tyler Christoper
5,000 copies sold in 36 hours.  That would classify this as hot right?  Incredible cover that snuck up on a lot of people.  Beautifully drawn cover, popular character and nobody knew about it.  Artist John Tyler Christopher will be doing an exclusive interview with (hopefully next week) to discuss this monster he created.  It's refreshing to see a variant cover that isn't stealing straight from ASM #300.

2 Howard the Duck #2 (2015) Asrar Jewels Variant (1:50)

detail WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Paulo Rivera
Run the Jewels was the consensus 2014 Rap Album of the Year.  This paired with Deadpool #45 made a cool combo. Problem is not many stores ordered 50 copies of Howard the Duck making this the rarer of the two books.  This is $100+ book right now
detail (1)

3 Deapool #45 or #250 (2015) Run the Jewels Variant (1:50)

WRITER: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
ARTIST: Mike Hawthorne
Deadpool variants are always going to sell well.  There is that one guy at your store who buys the variants the day before they hit the shelves so he can be known as the “Deadpool” guy.  He is the one you won't ever be able to beat so you have to buy them on eBay for a premium.  Hopefully your local Deadpool variant buyer only listens to REO Speedwagon and left this on the shelves in protest.  It's a big book this week pushing the $100 mark and I don't see it going below that for awhile either.  This paired with the HtD #2 variant is an easy sell.


4 Batman #35 (2014) DC Combo Pack Polybag Variant

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
I'm running out of things to say about this book.  It's the beginning of the end of a lot of different things for Bruce Wayne.  Combo madness is at a frenzy right now and this is the most popular combo yet.


5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #44 (2015) Cover C Retailer Incentive Variant Cover (1:10)

WRITER: Tom Waltz
ARTIST: Cory Smith
Still getting $80+ on its own, the heat will not abandon this issue any time soon.  The other covers are performing well too, but this is the one!  Your parents, your wife or kids will try to steal it from you when you go to sleep, watch out!!!


6 Jem & the Holograms #1 (Ponies & Comics Artgerm Variant)

WRITER: Kelly Thompson
ARTIST: Ross Campbell
80's comeback and Artgerm cover seems to have done it for this entry.  While it can still be found relatively cheap, you just know this is one of those covers people are always going to want in their collections.  Another Artgerm instant classic!


7 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678 Venom Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
This week a copy of this book sold for nearly $2000 on the bay… again.  This is the issue that Spider-Man collectors have been missing from their collections for years and they all just realized at the same time.  Surely this comic cannot keep rising in price, I hear you say.  Who would have thought it was going to reach this price point?  Supply and demand's the name of the game…  At this point, I just feel like buying popcorn and seeing how this ends.

Deadpool #45

8 Deapool #45 or #250 (2015) Tony Moore 1:100 Variant

WRITER: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
ARTIST: Mike Hawthorne
Yes, the Deadpool guy who left the Jewels variant probably took this one with him, and again it's one of those that Marvel seems to know how to do right.  1:100, amazing artist and a great parody cover.  This is Deadpool at his greatest, so naturally people are  interested.  Guessing this will have less legs than the Jewels variant because of the gen pop interest in the Jewels Variant.

Batman #358

9 BATMAN #358

WRITER: Joey Cavalieri
ARTIST: Irv Novick
The announcement that Killer Croc was going to be in the Suicide Squad movie shot this (and #357) through the roof.  You don't have this comic?  Get ready to pay 4x what you would have paid before the announcement.  We all knew Killer Croc was coming one way or another, you made your choice, now live with it!!!


10 X-Men: Sword of the Braddocks

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Scott Clark
What do you get when you add a character that gets confirmed as a being part of a movie, a hot cover and a print run of 20K?  A lot of broken hearts and a few empty wallets.  This one is not even close to reaching its ceiling, so get it while it can still be found in some magic bin around you!!!


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