Shh it’s a Secret . . . War Part I

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Shh it's a Secret . . . War Part I

Marvel is about to launch an all new Earth colliding, battle infused, cross-over event May 6th. Many will moan and say, “Here we go again.” Others will be skeptical and say Marvel is grabbing some more cash. I'm actually excited about it. The original Secret Wars is my favorite Marvel storyline. The more characters the merrier and anything that changes the way we see things changes the way we think. There's a lot to think about here.

There are some big changes in store for Marvel. The Ultimate Universe is coming to an end and many other universes look likely to be mashed into one easy to follow Marvel Universe. This sets up a lot for Marvel down the road and for their Cinematic Universe as well.

The best part is that some really interesting characters are being brought back for this event. I'm sure new characters will also be introduced, but we'll have to wait for those. Below we're going to take a look at some of the first appearances of characters making their return. Also, make sure you return next week for Part II of this amazing adventure.

Deadpool Vol 4 #27 1st App Shiklah (Printed Format)

Shiklah will be appearing in her own series titled Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos. She first appeared in the digital comic Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #3 but Shiklah's 1st printed appearance is in Deadpool Vol 4 #27. Werewolf by Night will be making his return as one of the Howling Commandos. Already an undervalued key, Marvel Spotlight #2 is a great book to own.

Marvel Spotlight #2 1st App Werewolf by Night

Savage Tales #1 1st App Man-Thing

Two more of the Howling Commandos will be Man-Thing and The Living Mummy. Again, two very undervalued keys represent their first appearances. Savage Tales #1 is the first appearance of Man-Thing and Supernatural Thrillers #5 is the first appearance of The Living Mummy. Look for all four of these characters in the Monster Metropolis zone.

Supernatural Thrillers #5 1st App N'Kantu (The Living Mummy)

New Warriors #4 1st App Sphinx (Meryet Karim)

The Sphinx will be in the Egyptia zone with Meryet Karim playing the female version of the character, which first appeared in New Warriors #4Devil Dinosaur looks to be playing a dual role in two zones: Greenland and the Valley of Flame. You can find the prehistoric beast's first appearance in Devil Dinosaur #1, which also happens to be the first appearance of Moon Boy.

Devil Dinosaur #1 1st App Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy

Incredible Hulk Future Imperfect #1 1st App Maestro

The main character of the Dystopia zone will be Maestro (Future Hulk) and his first appearance is in Incredible Hulk Future Imperfect #1. Also having a key role in the Dystopia zone is Ruby Summers (future daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost). Ruby's first appearance is in the one-shot X-Factor Special: Layla Miller.

X-Factor Special Layla Miller One-Shot 1st App Ruby Summers

Ironman Vol 5 #12 Cameo Arno Stark

Playing an important role in the Technopolis zone is Arno Stark, Tony Stark's brother. Arno's cameo can be found in Ironman Vol 5 #12, with his first full appearance in Ironman Vol 5 #17.

Ironman Vol 5 #17 1st Full App Arno Stark

Avengers Academy #20 1st App Ava Ayala White Tiger

Two of the main characters in the Higher Avalon zone will be the female versions of White Tiger and Captain Britain, played by Ava Ayala and Faiza Hussain respectively. The first appearance of Ava Ayala (White Tiger) is in Avengers Academy #20 and the first appearance of Faiza Hussain (Captain Britain) is in Captain Britain and MI13 #1.

Captain Britain and MI13 #1 1st App Faiza Hussain

Avengers #69 1st App Squadron Sinister

Two silver age books to snag that should come cheap are Avengers #69, which features the first appearance of the Squadron Sinister, which will be a major contributor to the Utopolis zone and Avengers #75, which is the first appearnce of Arkon, the main player in the Weirdworld zone. Avengers #75 also includes of the first appearance of Quicksilver's new blue costume.

Avengers #75 1st App Arkon

There are a few key issues worth picking up from the original Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars event as well. Secret Wars #1 contains the first appearance of the Beyonder, who was the major antagonist in the Secret Wars storyline. Secret Wars #3 has two first appearances, including Volcana and Titania. Secret Wars #7 is the first appearance of Spider-Woman II, a.k.a. Julia Carpenter and Secret Wars #8 is the book to own from this event, which contains the first appearance of the Spider-Man Symbiote Costume.

If you want to throw it back and read the first two Secret Wars events, you can find them in trade. Well maybe not so easily the closer Secret Wars 2015 gets. There are six prints of the first Secret Wars TPB, the sixth print being my favorite with the ever spectacular Alex Ross doing the favors for the cover art. The Secret Wars II TPB may be a little tougher to find, as there was only one print. Although you can find the entire nine issue original run at a decent price.

Agent Venom (aka Flash Thompson) looks to be a major player in the Secret Wars 2015 event and down the road for Marvel. Eugene “Flash” Thompson has a long history with Marvel and there are a few key issues worth picking up that have long term value. Amazing Fantasy #15 isn't going to be an issue to just pick up, you're going to have to shell out some major dough for a copy, and as if it didn't already have Spider-Man's 1st Appearance going for it, it also contains the 1st Appearance of Eugene “Flash” Thompson, which can only add to this comic's lore. Amazing Spider-Man #654 is the 1st Appearance of Flash Thompson as Venom. Already a $20 book, this comic has nowhere to go but up. I prefer the lower printed 2nd Print cover, but I would pick up either if you can find them. Lastly we have a book that can still be found for cover, but will not remain cover price for long. Secret Avengers #23 contains the 1st Appearance of Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. Find this comic book and buy it.


As always, thanks for reading, and yes, I do still believe in heroes!

Also click on the links to any of the mentioned comics for a direct link to all eBay auctions regarding said comics.


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