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He-Man1I love Saturdays. I loved them even more as a kid. There was a time in my life, before hangovers, before I cared what girls thought about me, and before money was a thing. This was a beautiful time. Saturdays meant cereal and cartoons. The hours between 7am and 10am were simply blissful!

Well, now I’m a grown-up and money definitely is a thing. It’s a beautiful thing, and I’d like to build a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with it. It’s the only other relationship that my wife will let me have! Here are some fun books that may help you connect with your childhood and could make you some bank!

G.I. Joe #1

G.I. Joe #1

GI Joe 1 – This super tough comic features the 1st appearance of most of the crew, including Snake Eyes. It also features the 1st appearance of the infamous Cobra Commander. It’s also the iconic 1st issue with a kick-ass cover to boot!

This book is an important part of American history and can be had relatively cheap right now. I saw quite a few CGC 9.6s sell for under $150 and some 9.4s for under $100. For those with a taste for only the best, a 9.8 will set you back right around $300

G.I. Joe #21

G.I. Joe #21

GI Joe 21 – 1st appearance Storm Shadow. Iconic Silent Issue. This book is ridiculously hard to find out in the wild. There are 3 printings and they’re all worth decent money, however, the 1st printing is the one to have. A CGC 9.8 recently sold on eBay for $620. A 9.6 sold 10 days later for only $170. That is a steal!

Be Careful! Before you buy this book, it’s important to know which printing you’re looking at. There are a ton of sellers who either don’t know, or choose not to disclose, which printing they are selling. The easiest way to tell is from the UPC box: traditional Spider-Man head or UPC means 1st printing, black Spider-Man head means 2nd or 3rd.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Mini-Series
130875 130876 130877

These books are way more affordable than they should be right now. I just saw a full NM set of all 3 issues sell for under $10 on eBay. That’s mighty cheap considering that number 1 is the 1st appearance of Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady. It’s only a matter of time until these guys are on the big screen. Bebop and Rocksteady don’t appear in their animal form until issue 2 so you might want to pick that up just in case. Number 3 features the first appearance of Krang’s Android Body. You might as well get that, too.

I believe these books could be huge. I took a chance and bought a Number 1 CGC 9.8 for right under $100. There are only 27 on the census. I have a feeling that most of these copies have been destroyed due to this primarily being a kid’s book. There is serious potential for a Mega Key here if Bebop, Rocksteady, or Krang make it to the big screen.

Darkwing Duck

dwIt’s pretty much common knowledge that when there’s trouble you call DW.

These Boom issues from 2011 are ridiculously hard to find. They easily sell between $10 – $20 in NM.

There are deals to be had, however, as there are plenty of sellers who have no idea what they have. Although I’ve included pics of a few of my top choices, I would pick up any issue that you can get for cover price.

I will personally give you a jumping high-five if you can find cover 8b in the wild. That Batman 227 cover-swipe is ridiculous!

Another note: These Darkwing Duck books are not ideal quick flips, unless you’re happy making peanuts. The rarity has not truly been recognized yet. They’re only a few years old. Like any fine whiskey or wine, they require time to mature to their full potential.

DC Comics Presents #47

DC Comics Presents #47

DC Comics Presents 47 – You’re out of your damn mind if you don’t own this book right now! There WILL be a He-Man movie. Regardless of whether the movie is amazing or awful is irrelevant. There will be a giant hype train that is going to push this book into the stratosphere.

Please don’t get caught without this book. The wheels are already in motion. There are less than 250 copies on the CGC Census that grade at or higher than 9.0 right now! If you’re low on funds, I suggest you do whatever it takes to get you the cash for a decent copy. Whatever it takes!!! Don’t worry. I won’t judge you.

That’s it for this installment of Comic Bucks. Please feel free to share your opinion on my picks or to share some of your own. I welcome all criticism, both good and bad. Thanks for reading!


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