Last but not Least

If you love comics and you’re all about the bucks, then it’s important to know all the moneymaking possibilities that exist. There is a boatload of treasure out there but it doesn’t always look like gold at first sight. The savvy investor knows that there’s a ton of value not just in first appearances and first issues, but also final issues. Final issues usually have insanely low print runs, and thus, are highly desired by elite collectors.

Some of these are fairly well known. Others aren’t.

Mswc107cover Star Wars 107 – This amazingly awkward cover features Luke Skywalker in a sexy sleeveless double pocket shirt. Lando Calrissian, not to be outdone, is rocking a beautiful Victorian Era pink and yellow ensemble. He is enjoying a fine cigar while Chewbacca holds him firmly in his arms. C-3PO looks a little concerned.

Anyhow, the cat's out of the bag on this one. Raw NM copies are already selling for $50-$100 while 2 CGC 9.8s recently ended right under $500.

GI Joe 155 – There are a few sleeper issues in this series but we’ll save that for another time. This book is red hot and ultra hard to find.

Although this book is well known, prices are all over the Mighty Bay. A raw VF+ recently closed for over $70. Do not pay that. The last couple CGC 9.8s closed for around $200 which is a bargain considering there’s only 63 on the census!

2203747-80 Transformers 80 – A NM copy should run you about $40 – $50 online. There are only 38 CGC 9.8s on the census. I could not find any completed sales on eBay for anything less than a CGC 9.0.

If you have a NM copy, you might want to send it in to get graded. People are willing to pay between $60-$70 for a 9.0 so who knows what a 9.4/9.6/9.8 would bring. I’m guessing a lot!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Here are a few final issues I found that are getting crazy money.

70 795930-23_page001 823087-tmnt_v1_062_001fp

Tales of the TMNT 70 (Mirage, 2010) – Raw NM copies sell between $70 – $100. I couldn’t find any completed CGC sales for this book. If you’re lucky enough to own this book, send it to CGC or CBCS and be the only one online with a graded copy. Ask whatever you want and see what happens!

TMNT 23 (Image) – This final issue sells easily for $70 – $130 RAW!!!

There are few completed sales on eBay and nothing graded. This is another great opportunity to be the only person online with a nice, graded copy.

TMNT 62 (Mirage 1993) – At the time of this writing, there is a high-grade copy on eBay listed for $28. This is not bad considering that a FN+ copy recently sold for about the same amount. My palms are getting sweaty and starting to itch. I may have to buy this one myself.

How about some Valiant?

Although I can’t vouch for the coolness of any of these comic books, I can tell you that recent movie news has put these low print-run Valiant books back in the collector spotlight

37601-4606-42143-1-magnus-robot-fighter 37691-4607-42257-1-solar-man-of-the-at 3182731-33 647160-harbinger41

Magnus Robot Fighter 64, Solar Man of the Atom 60

Prices range from $5 – $25 for these books. Don’t be the guy who pays too much. Find these cheap at your LCS and flip them right away. Both Magnus and Solar are property of Dynamite Entertainment, so they’re not too likely to be in a movie anytime soon.

Rai 33, Harbinger 41

I could be convinced to hold on to these for a bit. Both of these are $15 – $20 books. Both Harbinger and Rai are staples of the Valiant Universe and have a great chance of making it to the big screen.

What I showed you is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more valuable issues out there but I can’t tell you all my secrets!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Comic Bucks. Feel free to criticize or possibly even share some valuable final issue that you may know about. Thanks for reading!


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