Wolverine Origins 28 2nd Print – November 2008


Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Today’s episode looks at Wolverine Origins 28 2nd print, the rare variant cover. This was published in November 2008, and has an awesome Mike Deodato Jr cover. This is one of those comics that has appeal to many different groups of people. If you are a Hulk or Wolverine fan, this is one of those lesser known “must-haves”. Also, this is a prologue to the Original Sin storyline, so those fans may have also wanted to pick it up to complete their set. Story-wise, I was never a big fan of the Original Sin story, but I did get this simply because I am a Hulk fan.

With a print run of only 3,300 there is a greater demand than supply here! As of today, there is one on the bay. These are extremely hard to come by. It will not last on the bay that long at all. If you want one, and can find one for under $30, I would grab it. Awesome artist, awesome cover, two amazing heroes. This one has it all. Good luck and Happy Hunting fellas! (With this one, you will need it!)


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