1 Batman #35 (2014) DC Combo Pack Polybag Variant

Batman_35_Combo WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
If you don't have a copy of this you are too late. Regular covers of ENDGAME are sold out and hitting $10-$15, and this book is going north of $60. I seriously think this book will be $100 by May 1st. I'm hearing some interesting rumors : )

2  GI Joe A Real American Hero #212 (2015) Cover C Hama Variant (1:10)

1429413_xl WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: S.L Gallant
This book snuck up on a lot of people Wed. Even though the solicitations let everyone know Snake-Eyes was going die, it didn't really catch anyone's attention. Most stores barely got any copies of 212 much less the 1:10 Hama sketch above. It's selling for $50 and has lots of room to grow.
15 - 1

3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #44 (2015) Cover C Retailer Incentive Variant Cover (1:10)

WRITER: Tom Waltz
ARTIST: Cory Smith
Donatello was killed if you haven't heard, I might have mentioned it once or twice. This book is still an $85 dollar bill in the world of Darrell the Gambler.


4 Superman #38 (2014) DC Combo Pack Polybag Variant

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: John Romita Jr
Remember when I told you last week this book was gaining steam? Well it did. Superman's new power sent the 1:100 variant to the moon, but people slept on this rarer variant if print run numbers are correct. This sold out before I mentioned it and is now a $30 book and will be $60 by tomorrow I'm afraid.


5 DC Legends Vol 1 #3 (1987)

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: John Byrne
With all the news about the Suicide Squad movie leaking, people have finally began buying these up again as they should. Brave and Bold #25 won't have a single character in the movie as of me writing this, making this book the first appearance of the “Suicide Squad” we will all get to know. 9.8 copies are reaching the $250 mark, and that will be getting off cheap in 6 months.


6 Salvation Run #7 (2008) Neal Adams Variant (1:25)

WRITER: Matthew Sturgess
ARTIST: Sean Chen
You still haven't found a copy of this yet have you? Good luck, it looks like members cleared the internet and long boxes all across the globe. My favorite Joker cover ever, it's a tough variant to find and the print run was tiny. Will be a special book forever.


7 Convergence #0 (2015) Adam Hughes Variant

WRITER: Jeff King
ARTIST: Ethan Van Sciver
Adam Hughes is kind of creepy and weird if you follow him on social media, but damn, can the man draw women. This book blew up the internet again Tuesday night, but it settled down as all Hughes covers seem to do.


8 GI Joe A Real American Hero #212 (2015) Cover B Subscription Fuso Variant

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: S.L Gallant
The sub variant for the Death of Snake Eyes is a $25 dollar book right now and has the coolest cover of the 3 in my opinion. I didn't realize how low the print run on GI Joe has become until this week, but most stores didn't even order this book. Crazy.


9 DC Comics Presents Vol.1 #47 (1982)

WRITER: Paul Kupperburg
ARTIST: Paul Swan
With the rumors about the movie still swirling, a lot of VF/NM copies flew off eBay this week. Buy your 9.8's and NM copies now, because this book isn't going down anytime soon. Mattel owes us a kick ass movie for what they did to us in the 80's and that disaster of a film. This was my favorite toy and show growing up. I just started reading the DC versions this past week and they are brilliant. Some rare variants as well. Thanks to MD for the tips : )


10 Future's End #47 (2015)

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Andy McDonald
As of right now there were only 3 copies of this book on eBay. Why? First appearance of Tim Drake as Batman Beyond. Not sure if this will be a long term book, but right now it's very hot and an easy flip. So all you power sellers charge up your decoder rings and get that rent paid!!!


Justice League Vol 2 #1 (2013) 2nd Print DC Combo Pack Polybag Variant

WRITER: Geoff Johns
Wait till next week when you find out what the print number is on this beauty. I'm hearing less than 600 and it has the coolest JL cover ever in my opinion. Try to find one, I dare you. Wait there is a 3rd print combo too? Nah, can't be true right?


Batman_Annual_Vol_2_2 (1)

Batman Annual #2 (2014)

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Eric Border……..Hmm wonder why this book might be on the list. Just wait till ENDGAME is over.

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  • Avatar

    any thoughts on a non-variant top 10?

  • Ben Steiniger

    Great list again! It takes a lot of work to research this stuff….I appreciate it!

  • Avatar

    Once again, a very smart and educated top 10 list Trey! Very interesting trend lately that supply equals the demand. Nothing like holding a book that is hard to find!

  • Candletric

    I picked up the Justice League # 1 3rd print Combo Pack and Batman Annual # 2.

    Trey, do you have the print numbers for the combo packs ?

  • Santos

    End game sure is great, cannot wait for bats 40!

  • Brandon Gates

    is there any particular reason Batman 35 and Superman 38 combo packs are rarer than any other Batman or Superman combo packs?

  • Santos

    Theyre not rarer, bats 35 is the start of end game arc and new joker origin. Supes 38 is the issue in which he gets a new power, both issues add new events to each character/title…..gotta wait and see if jokers origin will be cannon or not…..pretty cool either way. Those 2 reasons is why people want those 2 comics….and because of low print on combos.

  • Avatar

    What about the newsstand versions of Batman 35 and Superman 38? They are priced the same as the combo packs at $1 over the direct edition cover price, are only on the market for one month until the next issue arrives and then the covers are ripped off of them and sent back to DC while the rest of the comic is discarded.

    I’m not sure of the production numbers but I would think that they would be lower than the direct edition because there’s only a few places that sell them. Being on the shelf at a limited number of retailers for roughly a month with a different cover price before being discarded versus being on the shelf until it is sold or moved to a $1 bin should make it more collectable than the direct edition shouldn’t it?

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