1 PUNISHER (1987) # 60

Punisher #60 WRITER: Mike Baron
ARTIST: Val Mayerik
With the latest rumors suggesting that the Punisher might be dropping by the Luke Cage Netflix series, this is the issue to get. Luke Cage teaming up with black Punisher? Stop reading! GO! BUY! NOW!!!

2 RISE OF ARSENAL (2010) #3

201158_20100526181635_large WRITER: J.T. Krul
ARTIST: Geraldo Borges
The issue the Internet called the worst comic ever has come back to the spotlight due to the simple fact of it being the first appearance of the cat-arrow (even though there are people arguing that it's actually the first appearance of the cat-mace). This issue is heating up (prices reaching more than $1 on the bay), so move fast!!!

3 DRACULA (1966) #2

WRITER: Don Segall
ARTIST: Tony Tallarico
1st App of funky Dell Dracula, just optioned by Robert Rodriguez to be made into a trilogy of horror and heroism. Make no mistake, the first issue of the series features normal boring Dracula, so you can forget about it. Also, #6 reprints this issue, so it might be a good option if you can't find this jewel. Want more proof this is going to be great? Check out Dracula's oath: “I pledge by the strange powers which have become mine to fight against the injustice, corruption, evil and greed which fills this Earth in the hopes that somehow my example will be an example to all men.” If that doesn't define catchy …


Marvel Super Special #7

WRITER: David Anthony Kraft
ARTIST: George Pérez
This comic was never published “because the book was late and the movie proved to be a commercial failure.” How could a Bee Gees starring comic not be published? I suspect Paul Levitz traveled back in time and pulped them, as he was jealous of this artistic milestone. In any case, the comic was published in Europe, so good luck with that! Stupidly enough, I just ordered a copy out of French eBay. In the words of the Bee Gees:

I started a joke which started the whole world crying
But I didn't see that the joke was on me oh no
I started to cry which started the whole world laughing
Oh If I'd only seen that the joke was on me


5 Silver Streak #6

WRITER: Jack Binder
ARTIST: Don Rico
While everybody is buying Marvel's Daredevil #1, be smart and go for the first real appearance of Daredevil, just ahead of his Netflix premiere. You should be able to find this in the dollar bins, because absolutely no one's looking for it. Nice try, Marvel!!!


6 Double Take (2001) #4 & 5

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Tony Moore
Underprinted and insanely difficult to find, these two comics feature a two-part story about a zombie holocaust survivor called Rick and his family. The story ends up with the family becoming zombies, but it kinda sounds familiar to the Walking Dead fan, right? I don't think I have ever seen these issues on the bay or anywhere else for that matter, so you could say it's impossible to find.

As the header says, NOT 10, just 6 😉

No sense in going on with this, as you may have figured out, this is a fake top 10, so I hope no one (except me) bought anything because it was on this list (if for more than 2 seconds they thought it was the real deal). They are fun comics, in any case … the ones that exist, at least!

This is comics, guys, it's about fun! Hope you enjoyed this and happy April Fool's Day!!!!!


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