Star Wars, Voltron, Dr. Fate, Ulysses and Thanos!

Howdy folks! Good of y’all to come on back and get another round o' bargain banter with ol' Uncle Sadjunk here.

First off, I’m mighty appreciative of all the kind words you had about that crazy haul I scored last week.

Wouldja believe that lightning then struck twice? Followed by an insane mail call right after that as well? All in all, it was one helluva comic collecting week.

But let’s save the photo glory and diggin’ story for another time. We got some bin divin’ to do, so let’s get right into it!

Find It Now!

Star Wars Books

De2_5Well, you gotta hand it to Marvel; they’ve damn well managed to tap the fanboy vein with their funnybook offerings in a way that Dark Horse never did. Who’da thunk that people’d be willing to lay out serious clams for NEW Star Wars books? Boy, I tell you. How about a gazillion variant covers? Pshaw! Multiple printings! And into that mix, introduce a sexy new female character and just like that, the market goes Alderaan. (And I’m sorry, you bought the Plain Jane variant cover for how much when the regular cover was va-va-voom?) Well not to throw shade on the offerings from Dark Horse – there were some good reads under their label for sure. And some first appearances too! Which is why you should find ‘em now – folks in the know been talking about these books for a while, but if Darth Vader #3 showed us anything, it’s that first appearances matter even in the Star Wars universe. So hit the bins and find the notable first appearances within Dark Empire II #5, Star Wars Tales #19, Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1 and if you’re lucky, Star Wars Jedi: Mace Windu all for cover price. (There's a gold foil version of Dark Empire II that you're not gonna find in any bins.) Ignore the ridiculous online pricings – they are definitely all to be found for cover or a couple o’ bucks over at the right joint.


Honorable Mentions

Earth 2 #9 / Countdown to Mystery #1

Countdown_to_Mystery_1Surprise! They’re bringing Hawkgirl to the small screen! And just like that, there you all go, scramblin’ like mice after cheese on a string, buyin’ every blasted copy online you can find. Well, that’s after you found out which version of Hawkgirl they introduced, which would be the Kendra Saunders incarnation. So, I got to thinkin’, if they brought that Hawkgirl on board, who else could be an easy consideration? Why not Dr. Fate? And I mean the version of Dr. Fate that was actually partners with Saunders in the comic books — Khalid Ben-Hassin, who makes his debut in Earth 2 Vol. 1 #9. Didja’ know it actually comes in a 1:25 sketch version for next to nothing? Another related pick is Kent V. Nelson, grandson of the original Dr. Fate who just happens to be friends with Ben-Hassin and makes his bow in Countdown to Mystery #1. Together these are first apps to get on the cheap, just like Saunders’s was – until Monday's announcement.


Secret Defenders #12

Secret_Defenders_Vol_1_12Now, don’t start laughin’ because I put this issue on this here list. Yah, I know, 90’s comics, all die-cut doodads and whatnot. Pure crap, surely. Much of it has rightly languished for years in the dollar bins alongside all that Valiant crap that suddenly is aflame (and those books’ll plummet the second we see the half-baked movies on screen, I betcha). But then wait; what’s this? A Thanos cover? A 90’s Thanos cover that actually makes good use of those prismatic gimmicks to produce a half-decent lookin’ Thanos mug. What’s the print run on Secret Defenders #12? I can’t find it, but I don’t remember this title ever bein’ a hot seller. So I find some online, and well I must say I am absolutely shocked – correction, absolutely gobsmacked – to see what people are asking for this book. I mean, WHAT? Asking for more than a dollar for a Secret Defenders comic is some sorta crime, somewhere. I believe that is actually written down, cast out the 90’s comic sellers from the temple, or somethin'. Well thanks to some real comic movies, it seems that anything Thanos is hot these days – anything – and in my opinion, you ain’t gonna find a more obscure Thanos cover than this. Good luck findin’ it in a bin in excellent condition.


Voltron #1 (Modern Comics)

609049Boy, this one is gonna get you diggin' like a dog who’s lost his bone. But first some context: folks are talking up the Macross #1 book and how you need to get that right now because it’s so hard to find and because Sony plans on turning it into a franchise. Huh. I’ve seen what Sony’s done with franchises, and that gives me so much confidence. Secondly, I always wonder how ‘HTF’ a book really is when there are multiple copies on eBay. Maybe it's just HTF at its true price of a dollar… but I digress. If you wanna follow that route, I suggest you instead try finding Voltron #1, printed by Modern Comics, an offshoot of Charlton. I had read that someone wanted to make a Voltron movie at some point, which could still happen the way things are goin'. Of course, some folks are tryin’ to get ahead of the game and are posting these for $10 or more online. This will be a good challenge to locate in VF or better in a dollar bin. If you know your Charlton books, you know they didn’t print these on very good paper quality, damn bunch o’ skinflints.


Superman #32 Combo Pack

Superman-32-New-52-Combo-Pack-Geoff-Johns-John-Romita-Jr-310994607566It’s a fine moment in the comic book collectin’ universe when we’re beginning to acknowledge the rarity of DC combo packs and the banality of multiple ASM #300 cover swipe books. Heh. So while I’m with the rest o’ you chuckleheads scouring back bins for these combo pack books, lemme throw another one for you guys to find: Superman #32, which is the start of the Johns / Romita run and the introduction of Ulysses, which I'm sure we haven't seen the last of. Anyways, I came across one in a bin and I picked it up for cover. If your LCS was too small to have carried these combo books, you can find a couple examples of this issue online still for about what I paid, but then you get whacked an extra fiver for shipping. But don’t think about it too long. These are already sold out at Midtown Comics. People are actively on the hunt.


Uncle Sadjunk’s Crazy Dollar Bin Story

I love it when I hear your stories of good finds. And not all finds are earth-shattering deals like stumblin' onto a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 for $50 or some pile o' crazy like that. Sometimes it's just about tooling' around, and goin' with your gut.

Cory Phan from Houston writes that he did just that when he decided to answer a Craigslist ad for comic books, “by some guy selling silver age books for $2ish and some moderns for 50 cents a piece.”

Mr. Phan explains that the gentleman was a book dealer whose friend had recently passed away, God bless his soul. “The friend had thousands and thousands of books (several long trailers worth) and some comics on the side,” he tells me. “According to the book dealer, someone actually picked through the comics once already but wasn't willing to buy the remaining books so the widow wasn't sure what to do with the rest of them.  Being a friend, he was going to unload the rest for her, hence the Craigslist ad.”*

[*Important point here: Let your significant other (or your mom if ya don't have a significant other) know what you have and the value of the books so she doesn't do anythin' silly like toss it all out or give it away to Goodwill in the case of you gettin' run over by a bus or somethin like that.]

Anyways, so as soon as Mr. Phan saw the ad, he figured it was worth getting offa his duff and trying' his luck. “I asked to come look at them right away,” he says. “This was at 9 p.m. while I was at work. I had about $150 on me, didn't want to stop by an ATM that late, and figured I would be lucky with just a couple of worthy books.”

unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6

Not a bad haul there sir! Indeed, just for the first Deadman, Deathlok, Black Adam, Psylocke and Captain Marvel by themselves, that's a great haul for the price you paid.

So let's hear your crazy, crazy dollar bin haul story:

And just remember bub — I'LL BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!


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