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Been a bit up & down the last week, books came out of the gate fast but then settled back down.

Just two entries for this week.

1. Darth Vader #3 Standard Cover and 1:25 Larocca Variant

The prices on this were higher to start with in the US. The day before release the standard cover was up to $12.95 where in the UK you could still pick it up for cover.

UK copies quickly got snatched up and by the end of the day on Wednesday most copies at cover were gone.

Prices spiked at £14.95 ($22.50) for the standard cover & £35 ($52) for the 1:25 variant, but these seem to of settled down as it looks like some of the major eBay retailers kept back a few hundred copies of the standard cover and now they are going for a steady £5.95 ($9) and £20 ($30) for the 1:25 variant.

I think that once these have dried up, prices will spike again on this issue.

With the 1st Appearance of Aphra (all stories are now cannon so highly likely she could make her way to the films) this has got speculation legs!

Standard Cover

1:25 Larocca Variant

2. Futures End #47


I want to touch on a couple of points on this. Yes, it did look like Terry McGinnis died last issue, but there was no mention of that in this issue & it all seemed a bit rushed to be honest!

With Tim Drake now being revealed as the new Batman Beyond, I found the fact that he is now wearing a dead man suit a bit rushed too.

I mean, what have they done with poor Terry’s body?

Just left his naked body at the top of some tower block?

Also, Plastique did not seem that bothered either…and don’t even get me started on the art, it was absolutely atrocious.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying Futures End in part (the beginning sucked though!) but think sometimes the pressures of a weekly book can have an impact on story and art.

Anyway, enough of that! On to the actual spec on this!

This sold out fairly quickly online with prices hitting a high of £10 ($15), now settling at £7.95 ($12). If the new Batman Beyond series, post convergence,  has Tim Drake as Batman Beyond and the series does well, this issue could be a long term key.

On a side note, this issue also had a great exchange between Tim Drake & Plastique and one of DC’s best “Dick Grayson” double entendres! (see below)


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  • Ben C

    Very interesting. I know retailers that were shorted on Vader last week got the remainder of their orders in this week. Curious to see how this plays out online and if indeed copies dry up and we see a nice spike again.

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