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new mutants

The New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991)

WRITER: Rob Liefeld/Fabian Nicieza
ARTIST: Rob Liefeld
1st Appearance of DeadpoolThe appearance of Wade Wilson in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine started the fire on this book, and rumors, scheduling, and casting of the upcoming solo Deadpool movie have kept it burning bright.  According to our friends at GoCollect, there were 237 sales of graded NM 98’s in the last 3 months, with the average 9.8 going for $766.  The best growth in value over that time has been for 9.2’s at 19%.  The average price at that grade is almost $350.  Fun fact:  if you picked up a 9.8 two years ago, you’ve seen a 29% return on your investment.  Suck it Wall Street!
asm 300

Amazing Spider-Man #300 (Marvel, 1988)

WRITER: David Michelinie

ARTIST: Todd McFarlane

1st Full Appearance of Venom

It is no surprise that #2 on our Hot Bronze list is ASM 300.  Once the symbiote enveloped Tobey Maguire’s face in 2007, this issue was assured lifelong “key” status.  With news of an upcoming solo Venom flick, ASM 300 has become a very hot book.  The last 90 days have seen 127 sales of graded copies, with the average price of a 9.8 going for just shy of $1000.  The relative monetary value of a 9.8 has grown 8.4% just in that time and 13.3% in the last 2 years.  Not too shabby.


Star Wars #1 (Marvel, 1977)

WRITER: Roy Thomas

ARTIST:  Howard Chaykin

What?  Star Wars again?  This book’s like a pop-up ad for a porn site you know you deleted more than once.  It just won’t go away.  But the numbers do not lie!  133 sales in the last three months with values skyrocketing on the tail of Marvel’s release of Star Wars vol. 2.  Star Wars #1’s graded above 8.5 saw their values jump anywhere between 20% to 42%!  9.8’s during that period grew 20% and are averaging about $1600.  In the Kick Yourself Two Times department, if you had bought an 8.5 in 2013, your investment would have grown 123%!  Boom!  If you did buy one then . . . well . . . congratulations.  You win.

x-factor 6

X-Factor #6 (Marvel, 1986)

WRITER: Louise Simonson

ARTIST:  Ron Frenz/Jackson Guice

1st Appearance of Apocalypse

It is safe to say that the first appearance of Apocalypse will increase in value over the next few years or at least until the release of the next X-Men movie in May of 2016.  There’s a clue in the movie’s title.  At any rate, X-Factor #6 is moving.  125 sales in the last 90 days with 9.8’s averaging $290.  There have been thirty-six 9.6’s sold during that time, averaging $145, with a steady value increase of 19.2%.  This issue cooled off a bit but is starting to see a little heat once again.

secret wars

Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #8 (Marvel, 1984)

WRITER: Jim Shooter

ARTIST: Michael Zeck

1st Appearance Symbiote/Black Costume

This book has been popular for a looong time –  for much the same reason that our #2 this week has been popular.  People loves them some Venom!  138 sales in the last 90 days with the average 9.8 pulling in $148.  That is a 2% increase in price from four months ago, and a 9% increase over the past two years.  Yes, it’s a slow burner but there is no way that fire goes out any time before a solo Venom movie is made, and probably not after that.  Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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