Once in a Lifetime

So folks, I hope you all had a great week and found some great books to go with it.

Now for this column, do I have a special story to tell you guys! And best of all, I’m in it!

But first, let’s stroll down the aisle and dig up some good books cheap, ya hear?



Marvel Action Figure Reprints

PackagedDrStrangeYeah, this crazy speculator market has got funny books doin’ all sorts o’ crazy things. Take for instance the reprint comics that came with Marvel action figures a few years back. They weren’t supposed to be sold. And yet, people are selling them on eBay for something more than free. In fact, some sellers advertise their copies as “limited edition,” reprints and whatnot; therefore they are even more exclusive than the original book. So, for example, the first appearance of Dr. Strange (Strange Tales #110) folks are asking anywhere from $5 to $40 online. Same story for other key issue reprints, such as Power Man #1 and Incredible Hulk #1. On eBay, the highest priced ones are Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #258 and Amazing Spider-Man #129. Someone posted an Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #122 reprint for $82! And it’s not even NM!!! Hell, I don’t know if these prices are warranted, if they are rare or not. But I find these sitting in dollar bins every now and then, so maybe you should pick ‘em up when you do too.

Honorable Mentions

Captain Marvel(s)

Captain_Marvel_Vol_5_16Now some folks have been picking these books up already, so you might be late to the punch. But there’s still a good chance to can secure a copy of either Marvel Boy Vol. 2 #1 or Captain Marvel Vol. 5 #16. Why? The former is the first appearance of Noh-Varr, the latter is the first appearance of Phyla-Vell. Both characters take on the Captain Marvel mantle. Some places have already marked up the prices of both books. Of the two, Marvel Boy seems to being flying lower under the radar than Captain Marvel #16, which has all but dried up online. During some weekend digging I found both for $4.


Thor433Another book that is getting harder to find is Eric Masterson’s first appearances as Thunderstrike. Chalk it up to the upcoming Secret Wars series that features a boat load of Thors, but folks have been buyin’ up Thor Vol. 1 #391, Thor Vol. 1 #432, and Thor Vol. 1 #433. The last book I’ve had difficulty finding in VF+ condition in a number of locations. Not exactly well-regarded books, you will locate them in either back issue bins or dollar bins, as a lot of Thor books from that time period seem to go. I’d say it’s an oddity of a book to have and a sidelined character, but right now Thor’s not swinging Mjlonir, so why not. Especially if they reveal the new Thor is Eric Masterson – as a woman! Hey, if I do recall, they turned Thor into a frog once, so you never know …

Various Iron Man Armor issues

18754-2407-20970-1-iron-manIron Man armor books always get hot. Take the current speculation hype over the Bleeding Edge armor debut. Can’t forget War Machine or Rescue, either. Well, I take it if you didn’t get the first appearances of the Hulkbuster armor (Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1 #304, #305 and even the Marvel Legends reprint of #305) you probably are kicking yourself over that. Wow, look what I’ve done here – a second reference to Thunderstrike in one column, and a second reference to Marvel Legends reprints! Jeebus it’s rainin’ frogs here! Anyhoo, you don’t have to stay so glum. Plenty o’ other armor first appearances to buy. There’s a bunch of sites that have already listed all o’ the issues you can pick up. Go crazy, I say. The coolest I think is the original red-and-yellow armor because I think that’s an undervalued classic, but you ain’t gonna find that in any dollar bin. Much better luck landing the first space armor (Iron Man Vol. 1 #142) and the like.

Uncle Sadjunk’s Crazy Dollar Bin Story

Ever since I kicked off this column, I’ve been devotin’ the end to writing up the stories of folks who managed incredible finds. But this week, I have to share my own story.

Now, I hope y’all understand this s#$% don’t happen every day. But when it does, you just gotta savor it and celebrate. Like Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you done it.”

Now, it my tale begins with a simple question: could I locate a copy of Adventure Comics Vol. 2 #515 DC 75th anniversary variant? As you know, that set of variants have produced a bumper crop of valuable comics, the biggest bein’ Adam Hughes’ awesome classic cover swipe for Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #600. Well this book according to my collectin’ brethren is nigh well impossible to find. But what the hell, you wanna catch a big fish, you gotta cast some lines.

And so this weekend, I decided to visit a store I ain’t ever been to before. It wasn’t the store I was intendin’ to go to, it was so small and so off-the-map I figured it wouldn’t be worth the trip. The store was nice an clean, smallish, and relatively free of fan boys. In fact, you could say the majority clientele were anything but comic collectors.

Well, I asked about DC 75th anniversary variants. That was the key — not naming a specific issue, but rather just the variant run. The most helpful staffer went and found me these:


Hell yeah! But that was only the beginning. Feeling damn well good about myself, I then decided to peruse their small offering of back issues.

Well, I could go on and on about what I found in their BACK ISSUE BINS.

I mean, SITTING in their BACK ISSUE BINS. Not up on the walls, in their BINS.

In the end, I had to pick and choose what I wanted. I left some books behind. Did I really want Aquaman #3? That's the sort o' choices I had to make. NUTS!

Books were for $3, except otherwise marked. At the end, the owner gifted me a 20% discount off everything.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. I will say only this: Sweet Mary, I’m still shaking!

IMG_0234 IMG_0233 IMG_0232 IMG_0231 IMG_0230



IMG_0225 IMG_0227

IMG_0228 IMG_0223 IMG_0221 IMG_0220

Yeah folks, I didn’t buy all o’ this stuff for a dollar. I left some prices on so you can see that. But if you know these key books and how hard they are to find, those prices were the equivalent of finding these in the dollar bin.

Every so often, when fate should render you an opportunity, you gotta juss' man up and put your money where your mouth is.

Alright squirrels, on that note, see if you can top my story: sadjunk1@gmail.com


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